Friday, August 19, 2005

Jordan OSS 2005 first day report

Jordan OSS 2005 first day report | Jad Thoughts: "The first day of Open Source Seminar wasn't that bad, whatever nothing is perfect.
Today I've learned you shouldn't be a good speaker to participate, nor you must have a good English accent to speak, and if it happens and I was in charge to organise such event its good idea to keep the VIP speech's last so other speakers will have a chance to speak to someone.

After all the seminar was good just because there was a good speakers with very interesting topics such as
Why Linux - Mr Ahmed Shanab
OS developer's perspective: An Open Source toolkit Mr.Mohammed Sameer.
How to make money using open source software Mr. Kefah issa
How to save money using open source software - Mr. Ammar Ibrahim

The Q & A and Panel discussion was the funniest part, There was no questions at all, and there was only about 20 attendees at the last Q & A session, however we had about 50 for lunch i'm not sure why."




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