Thursday, May 5, 2005

:United Bears: Jordanian bear

An idea on its tour around the word!
120 Buddy Bears, created in Berlin/Germany, are standing peacefully hand in hand to represent 120 United Nations member states. An exhibition under the motto

The idea for this exhibition was created 2002 by the inventors of the Buddy Bears Eva and Klaus Herlitz, having three aspects in mind:

120 different artists, each one coming from the country his bear represents, show the art style of their
home countries. Standing in a circle the bears form a unique work of art altogether.

As a basis for a better understanding the individual design of each bear includes a lot of information about the different countries. Together with the symbolism of the circle love, peace, friendship, tolerance and international understanding are promoted.

Over 1.041.000 Euro for charity organisations so far. In each city where the circle is shown activities (e.g. auctions) raise money for children in need.
At the end of the world tour all bears will be sold by charitable auction for UNICEF and other organisations helping needy children all over the world.

Jordanian bear frontunited_bears_2Jordanian bear rightJordanian bear backThe artistThe artist
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