Monday, January 10, 2005

:Personal: The need for speed (Choosing an ISP in jordan)

What do you think of Jordanian ISP's ?
after couple of calls and meetings requesting and checking their ADSL offers I found out they are all the same,
same price, same offers,

Wanadoo : conceited sales man, he wanted to say "We are wanadoo, no deals more than the printed offer, no way to discuss, read the offer, 3ajbak 3ajbak mu 3ajbak wafrt.."

TeData: very nice sales lady, ready to listen and discuss anything, but some question marks remain for their unlimited bandwidth offer

Batelco : they seems to have the best customer care in jordan, but got alert "Batelco is well known for port filtering"

Now, How to choose the best 'available' isp in jordan?
Wanadoo because they are backended by JTC
Batelco because they have the best customer care
TeData: new company, we still ma bene3raf khairhom men sharhom...

please advise....

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