Thursday, January 27, 2005

:Eweek: Google Launches Video Search

Google Inc. stepped into video search on Tuesday but with an initial focus on indexing the content of broadcast and satellite television.
So far, Google Video does not include video from the Web or provide a way to play back shows. The company retrieves content by recording the broadcasts of television programs.

"There's a lot of high-quality information on television and a lot of it is not on the Web today," said John Piscitello, product manager for Google Video. "Google's mission is to connect people with all the information out there, and searching TV is natural next step."

Google began creating the index in December, and it has grown to about 2TB of data, Piscitello said. The index will continue to grow as more content sources are added.

He declined to specify the total number of TV sources included in the beta. Along with networks, though, they include the San Francisco Bay Area affiliates of ABC and NBC as well as local station KRON, according to the Google Video Web site.

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