Thursday, October 30, 2008

Iraq is the New Caprica?

Americans are Cylons?

  1. Laura Roslin told Baltar Desperate people use desperate measures

  2. Baltar si a pupped president in Cylon hands.

  3. Cylons detain humans without charges and do abuse them for information.

  4. The New Caprica police recruits human to serve and protect Cylons.

  5. and most importantly, Cylons took New Caprica in order to improve human life

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  1. Cant be.

    * Cylons have a socialized health care
    * Cylons believe in one God
    * Cylons are extremely effecient
    * And I have to see the one about newcaprica again, because last time I looked, Humans took newcaprica

  2. Sari Al-Hiari
    I have to admit that you're the smartest commenter; walahi man you are :-)

  3. Actually, what you mention is EXACTLY what got Battlestar Galactica low ratings and threatened to cancel it completely (I think they're still going to cancel it anyway)
    But one additional thing that you missed in the list:

    6. Terrorist activities are justifiable against occupation forces, even if it had collateral damage

    And this one was the straw that broke the camel's back

  4. You're late to the party... that's what you are