Thursday, December 20, 2007

MommaBean's cookies party

Can't say much as we were forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement (WHERE IS THE FREEDOM OF THE PRESS BLOGGERS!!)
 What Happened at the Cookie Party Stays at the Cookie Party!
However, I can give some highlights

  1. We Enjoyed Hal's automatic shots

  2. Cookies was great

  3. We Enjoyed Hal's automatic shots

  4. Mazen's creation were bit creative

  5. We Enjoyed Hal's automatic shots

  6. I ate all of my creation

  7. We Enjoyed Hal's automatic shots

  8. Manal's creation were the cutest

  9. We Enjoyed Hal's automatic shots

  10. I proved Wael's theory of being Visually blid with my weird looking cookies (and that's why I ate them all)

  11. We Enjoyed Hal's automatic shots

Thank you MommaBean & Kinzi for the invitation, we enjoyed every Hal's automatic shot nano-second of the party.

Read others hightlight

  1. MommaBean highlights

One more time of Happy Christmas & Merry Eid.

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  1. Jad.. It was nice seeing you today! :)
    Yalla show us some pics.. I just cant wait..!

  2. Am assuming that cookies will be delivered to us too :)

    kil eid w inta b kheir ..

  3. Jad, you and the other three men invited proved to us cookie ladies that a mixed group CAN work, and you don't eat all the cookies before they are decorated.

    Plus, men are VERY creative in this department! So guys, next year, we will invite the blogger men too!

  4. We're waiting on the pictures (you know those who were there and signed the non-disclosure!). Glad to have you come, love your efficiency in eating your own creations. But, you shold have taken some more home so I didn't get left with so many :).

  5. Wellak Allah yefda7ak. People I don't know what he's talking about, this is all in his imagination. :P

  6. Hal, thanks for that note, I must have missed those automatic shots. Did it really happen? :)

  7. it was really nice there :)

    the best part is when a kid told Hala that she should be "qodweh hasaneh" hehehehehe and his eyes were wide open :D that was funny.. :p

    Jad, show me my pics before posting :) thanks

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    [...] trouble of describing the event, since I can’t do it any better than Momma Bean, Jano, Hayat, Jad or Kinzi. I will say, however, that I had a blast and loved hanging out with everyone…even [...]

  10. Ok, my pictures are online. You can check them out here.

  11. i ate all my ugly creations, thats why my own turn out cute :D
    it was really great meeting u jad

  12. Ah, Manal...very clever. Destroying the evidence, eh? :D