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Mayhem in the Middle East

The Middle East has always been in a mayhem with every last bit of its equivalent words, for decades by the tyrannical regimes and by the price of changing the regimes for now, but what next?

Next is never set in the region of revelations. Being a citizen of the Middle East can be a curse or a karma. Sometimes we feel we are drowning without the collective-adeptness to swim to our prosper corner or the sight of a lifeguard. In other occasions we thought things were moving, albeit to the unknown. Citizens of the Middle East are sandwiched between the status queue and the crisis queue, and of course without a visible exit.
Besides blogging, I'm an avid reader who reads the book first on Amazon Kindle , but then buys the hard-copy for the smell of the inks and dust. Speaking of books and the Middle East, history books that cover the region shows that the individuals have always been the least priority, if a priority at all, to their governments.
Withal, as Brian Whitaker puts it in his book What's Really Wrong with the Middle East
Governments are products of the societies they govern and in Arab countries it is often society, as much as the government itself, that stands in the way of progress.

And then he adds
The problem is no longer a simplistic one of good versus evil, or tyrants versus the rest. Instead, we see people who are not only oppressed and denied rights by their rulers but who also, to varying degrees, are participants in a system of oppression and denial of rights. Thus, the oppressed often become oppressors themselves, victims become victimizers too, and acknowledging that fact is the first step towards a solution.

On an individual level, major issues stands against progress. The lack of ability to contribute back to our own countries or even to plan our own futures. We have been in a deceiving status queue that turns to be decisive, to its stakeholders more than anyone. No one thought of accumulated anger, cost of violent and compulsive change. Depraved leaders apparently supposed that patience is elastic.
Today the Middle East is about the face a regional war, beside the running revolutions. An alarming number of refugees boosted by the Syrian Conflict, next to it sits an alarming number of deaths in Iraq. However, no one of the big players seems to be prepared for the occasion. Perhaps it did not touch the interest of the big players yet; or is it in their interest?
According to the 2002 Arab Human Development Report
the most worrying aspect of the crisis in education is education's inability to provide the requirements for the development of Arab societies

It is more facile nowadays to a paramount number of individuals to join an armed militia than getting access to an opportune rudimental edification, let alone an international opportunity. Do we inculpate them or do we work with them to open the door of opportunities where they can contribute to their countries toward a prosperous region. Maybe the stakeholders probing for something else?
It is easier nowadays to a significant number of individuals to join an armed militia than getting access to a proper basic education, let alone an international opportunity. Do we blame them or do we work with them to open the door of opportunities where they can contribute to their countries toward a prosperous region. Maybe the stakeholders looking for something else?
We ended up with a generation that is able to visually examine graphic violence on YouTube and count the deaths without vomiting. The reasons behind this mess is the messed up priorities of stakeholders. YouTube, for example, is able to swiftly remove any content that infringe copyright, but they are not utilizing the same technologies to counter videos promoting terrorism. Thus, videos, promoting or glorifying terrorism can remain online and readily accessible for months, if not years.
Was Islam spread by the sword is still an open question, even debated among Muslims themselves. With the Jihadi Spring, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant are sculpturing a legitimate forthcoming question of whether their planned al-Sham Caliphate is going to spread by Ak-47 and suicide bombing. ISIS is a group wishes to create a Caliphate that stretches from Iraq to Syria. What is happening now is not about a threat to one or two countries, but a threat to the region, and when it's the Middle East, definitely a threat to the world, directly and indirectly.
The International Community, specifically the West, will put billions of their public money to counter terrorism facing the region. I hope we will not be driven say it was too late. We would not be here today if Western money were put to build accountable institutions and provide proper education with International standards to lessen the imbalance and open the door to opportunities. Instead, the West built corrupted institutions and supported the self-accomplished ones in the region.
At the end of my very first-yet-again post, I have to admit that blogging after a long pause is not as easy as it sound. In fact, it is tougher than blogging for the first time, but again, the Middle East will push you to blog again.


  1. waal.. what do you do when you're sleeping?!

  2. salamtak wallah ya CD

  3. Hamdellah 3assalameh.
    I remember a few times when I woke up almost feeling like my shoulder was about to pop out from its place and get lodged in my chest, but I never imagined it could actually happen.
    What did you do when you found out? Did you wake up from the pain? Did you wake up the moment it happened? Were you screaming? :D

  4. hope you feeling better now
    as long as the brain and the other thing is ok, things are still ok ;-)

  5. lah lah ya msakham; reit il waja3 biyya wala beek.

  6. wad3ak sa3ab sa3eb kteer lazem nib3atak 3ala mayo clinic, yalla 7ajji baseeta baseeta 3al agal lissa fee 3indak kitef tanyeh sha'3aleh .. fa ni3meh LOL :P
    la baseeta man inshalla bindawerlak 3ala gi63a jdeeded sikrab o binzabe6 wad3ak o bitgoom bil salameh :)

  7. Thank you guys
    What I were doing while sleeping? sleeping and only sleeping walahi

  8. Wallah salamat ya m3allem

  9. Midnight aerobics? lol
    Hamdilla 3al salameh:)

  10. salamt jad,
    you should do somthing about that .. hope pain is not bad

  11. just sleeping???!!!!!!! waaaaal :P tab how did u manage to write this post :P

  12. Ghalia, as far as I can use the computer without the mouse i'm fine and i'm good at it.

  13. wallah salamat :)
    agolak sho tsawi .... betjeeb drell ... bto7zog awwal bone .... then tani bone .... o betwaselhom be 7e6 maseees ta3 el 6ayarat ....
    or bet7azweg zay ma goltellak .... o shoflak bara3i blateen ma3 rondelat ... ma3 shwayyet sha7meh .... o salamtak :D :D

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  15. Ya seedee alf salameh, Inshallah jaretna wala enta :)

  16. Jad,
    This might be unrelated to the post, but I found that you've successfully made shepsara pastra. I've been looking for recipes for a while and all of them seem different to what my grandmother used to make, unfortunately she passed away a few years ago and none of my circassian or should I say aydgee relatives know how to make it, if you could e-mail me with a link or a reciple i would greatly appreciate it
    [email protected]


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