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How to Kickoff a Project - Project Management

Project Management - Learn how to Kick Off a project by taking all the right steps you need to succeed. Whether it's project initiation or startup - learn how to do it right here.


  1. Osama now is pissed off!! lol

  2. mabrook to all peaceful people among the world!

  3. there r alot of freeks in this world, 3o2balhom kolhom :p

  4. [...] Jad brought out the fireworks (obtained legally I’m sure) and said: “Do we really need a better reason to celebrate than this one? I don?t think so.” [...]

  5. We arabs are stupid, and will always remain stupid. Look at how we are played.

  6. Mr Smart Hasan,
    Please guide us to be smart.

  7. Unfortunatly, there is nothing we can do, as we are lazy.
    Our history since the ottomans took over is just full of proofs.
    We talk and talk and talk in coffee shops and then go home to watch southpark and feel good about how smart we are.
    I dont see any of us pointing the finger to the real cause of this mess. Because we dont want to. We enjoy them being here. Infact, we probably wish that we are occupied by them as well.
    Who wouldn't want to speak more english than arabic in Jordan. Oh wait , we already do.
    What would it take for us to get off of our asses?
    Im out of solutions, so why don't you enlighten us?
    p.s Dont take any of this personaly. We don't know each other.

  8. Ohh well the solution is to kill the terrorists at least will make us happier.
    dude, following or being westernized isn't as bad as you are trying to tell nevertheless I don't want to miss the point.
    I personally can't understand what do you want us to do, please make it simple and straight forward.

  9. "Ohh well the solution is to kill the terrorists at least will make us happier. "
    Oh god, I thought only americans here really believed in the "war on terror."
    Ask your self these questions:
    -Who IS terror.
    -Where is this terror.
    -Why did these terrorists only recently decided to show up when the world was already full of terrorist acts.
    -Why NOW are we fighting the "war on terror", and not in the 90's.
    -And why is Terrorism only INCREASING as the US invades more land!
    Makes you think that by now the world would have realized that by starting more wars, you create more "terrorists."
    Afhganistan now is worse, the Taliban is rising again, Iraq had no terrorists at all before the invasion. You see, the US needs terrorism to exist so it can have an excuse in staying next to the oil and all the natural resources, as well as keeping close watch on China. Do a little studying of geography around you and you will identify all the geostrategical locations.
    Did you ever wonder why has central Asia, Eurasia and the middle east always have been spots of instability? It's because who controls Eurasia, controls the world in physical reach and influence.
    And someone's terrorist is someone elses hero. Americans call Iraqis and Arabs as terrorists, and Iraqis call Americans terrorist. So who is right?
    One thing we can do is start using those libraries in Jordan more often.
    Did you know that the whole arab world translates around 3000 books annualy while greece alone translates 20,000 ?
    Here in the US, barns n noble is 90% bookstore and 10% coffee shop, while in Jordan, books@cafe is 10%bookstore and 90% coffee shop. Not because the owner is "motakhalef", but because Jordanians didn;t buy books, they bought argeeleh. Supply and demand.
    So instead of joining the US in their "victory" in the war on terror and giving them yet more self confidence to go on fighting, you can point the finger back at them and say that without them, zarqawi would have never achieved what he did. Cause and Effect.

  10. Hasan,
    As an American, and an Educated American, let me explain a few things.
    It's not the oil. We'd be more than happy to just buy it from Arabs and stay home. We'll buy it from anyone willing to sell it. We bought Iraqi oil in 2002, so we didn't need to invade for oil. We buy oil. We're capitalists.
    We didn't invent terrorism. It's an old thing. . A terrorist in 1801 was called a pirate- and one pirate could not threaten a city. But the world is changing, getting smaller. Today, we are all connected, and if a thousand people in Jordan die, we see it in America and vice versa.It's scarier now. But it is an old, old history. There were terrorists thousands of years ago. No bombs, but there was terror.
    We don't call Iraqis or Arabs terrorists. A few Iraqis and few Arabs and other people here and there become terrorists. Do you know what is a lot scarier than a terrorist? A population that has been taught to think that terror is okay. THAT is the root of the problem.
    You said, who controls Eurasia controls the world- but this is obvious, In terms of people, Eurasia is most of the world already! But the issue of Books, Hasan, you are absolutely right! Do you want to know the real reason for the problems in the middle east today? 1493, Hasan. That was the year the middle east got its first printing press, thanks to Jewish refugees from Spain moving to Israel. And the Ottoman sultan then banned printing in Turkish or Arabic! This ban stayed for about 3 centuries! Can you imagine? Three Centuries, LOST! Think about what happened during those three centuries in the west: Voltaire, Locke, Hume, Democracy, Representation, Industrial Revolution, Isaac Newton, Navigation, Steam Engine... all these things which made the west "modern" were locked away from the middle east. You know the history. Before 1493, the middle east was equal to or not more advanced than Europe in science and learning. But, three lost centuries later, it is a poor and primitive place. Books! And not just Books: Freedom to exchange information, to think, to challenge ideas without some religious nut telling you it is blasphemy! That is why.
    So, people need more than just books. People need freedom from religious slave-masters who decide what they are allowed to say and read.

  11. Ben,
    Before the enlightenment in europe, the church said the world is flat. It kept europe behind the arabs up until the 4th century. The europeans were far lagging in all aspects, especialy medicine, the Frankish kings borrowed their doctors from the arabs during the crusades as their own doctors still diagnosed the ill with beind possesed by deamons.
    Arabs on the other hand, were very backward people, living in an age we arabs call "jaheliyah" , = Ignorance. They ate incects, smelled, non stop fighting amongst each other. But Islam changed them into a world class civilization. That is the difference.
    The only reason the arabs have acomplished anything is Islam.
    Now we are back to ignorance because most arabs today don't practice Islam anymore, as the west hails Jordan and Lebanon as the most westernized and most liberal in the middle east as a positive thing. I always hear westerners associate the ability to drink alcohol in Iraq with modernity and civilization. When I think of alcohol, an image of midevil europeans pissed in the muddy streets of europe.
    You are also a vicitim of the lack of Freedom to exhange information and especialy to challange ideas as the media in the US is very selective with what it shows. And as far as americans are concerned, they don't need to read any books to make their own mind about the religion of 1.3 billion people, (Time predicts muslims being half the world in 50 yrs.) but trust TV to give them the information they need.
    Thats why you associate Religion in the middle east with backwardness. Well histoty has shown the exact opposite for that part of the world. Its religion that advanced it.
    Dont't kid your self, the middle east is probably one of the most secular places inthe world today. I am muslim and I know how different most of us live today. Its that lack of religion that caused people to become ignorant and fools.
    People need religion first before books so they can realise the importance of hard work, the benifit of the society over the benifit of the individual. They need religion to stop corruption and treason ( US also has all these symptoms.) I am probably have a completely different idea of "religiong" as your view is a result of the news you are fed as well as the bad trauma the europeans experienced from the church. That is why in the west, science is used to discredit religion while in Islam, science and religion work hand in hand. Infact, they cannot be seperated. The Quran is full of scientific information and facts that it is an easy target for any scientist to discredit the Quran abd by that the whole religion of Islam just by proving one false statement by the Quran in relation to science. But so far, it has withstood the test of time and still proves to hold with current scientific findings. You can check your self.
    If the world wants to rid the "danger" of Islam, it would be much easier to discredit the Quran by proving it has false science in it, or any contradictions. Thats why many today are using the Terrorists and fanatics to discredit Islam. As if terrorists are only what they are because of their religion. Timothy McVeigh?? Jim Jones??Pat Robertson?? Each nation has its fanatics, but they dont tend to blame their fanticism on the christianity.
    One thing intersting about Islam conversionts is, there are many scientists and men of knowledge who with logic and common sense and witht he help of science, were able to see the truth in it. Thats what distinguishes Islam from all religions.
    Plus, is it a coincident that Islam is the only religion out side christianity that believe in Jesus??

  12. correction 2nd line 1st paragraph. Its 14th centrury not 4th.

  13. Hello, not sure if it's my computer or your site, but your right sidebar is covering some of the text in the middle of the page if that makes any sense? I've reloaded the page a few times, and the same thing keeps happening. I stop by from time to time and havn't noticed this before.

  14. That's right, I had an issue with the blog but I didn't work on it as I wasn't active but now things are back to the track.

  15. That's right, I had an issue with the blog but I didn't work on it as I wasn't active but now things are back to the track.


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