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Best free PMP exam preparation

Going through exam preparation is one of the hardest phases in PMP (Project Management Professional) cycle but most certainly it is the most rewarding one. There is always a huge difference between how we understand what we read and practice on daily basis and how the examiner would ask questions to evaluate us. An exam preparation tests will settle this issue and there are plenty of paid ones out there but why do we have to pay when the best is available for free? has the largest collection of PMP practice questions, practice exam, flash cards and dictionary, yet available free of charge.
They also have an intelligent interface where you can choose which body of knowledge areas you want to practice, which makes it easier for you to practice along the way of studying for the exam, chapter by chapter.

In each section you can choose between the process groups, some or all, between the Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, Closing, Ethics, Unknown or Multiple. Also you can choose the knowledge areas you want to focus on between Intergration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resources, Communications, Risk, Procurement, Framework, Unknown or Multiple.

  • PMP Practice Questions

    1. The largest selection of free PMP practice exam questions available1,000 +

    2. All questions reviewed by PMP experts

    3. Realistic questions

    4. Analytical progress reporting

    5. Complete explanations

    6. Completely web-based for easy access anywhere

  • PMP Practice Exam

    1. The largest selection of PMP practice exam questions available1,000 +

    2. Number of full-length Exams AvailableUnlimited

    3. Realistic questions

    4. Follows the actual exam process group percentages

    5. Timed exam

    6. All questions reviewed by PMP experts

    7. Complete explanations

    8. Analytical progress reporting

    9. Reopen past exams for last review

    10. Completely web-based for easy access anywhere

  • PMP Flash Cards

    1. The largest selection of PMP flash cards available1,000 +

    2. Customizable card deck subjects

    3. Analytical progress reporting

    4. Detailed explanations covering all topics

    5. Completely web-based for easy access anywhere

  • PMP Dictionary

    1. Comprehensive list of terminology

    2. Easy to understand definitions with alternative versions

    3. Easy to use category selection and search feature

    4. Completely web-based for easy access anywhere


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