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Starbucks is the best Coffeehouse in Amman and here is why

It's not like caffeine runs in my veins but I enjoy reading and writing with coffee, though I do have a decent coffee machine at home but setting in a coffeehouse is more convenient especially if they have outdoor section.

Starbucks has always been my favourite coffeehouse but recently Nasseem recommended Cilantro but I didn't try it as he recommended it for political reasons rather than the quality of service, couple of weeks later, Omar trapped me for cilantro! and here is my feedback.

I'm a regular Starbucks customer and they never fail at making the best coffee in Amman, add to that their quality of services, add to that, they hire Jordanians. That is good business!

I'm not against hiring other nationalities, people have to making a living after all, and Jordanians prefers, sometimes, not to work in certain fields as they don't see it as "theirs". However, with training and good salaries, Jordanians are giving the best service at Starbucks. So basically I sit there to enjoy my coffee and enjoy being served by my fellow Jordanians, with my accent and my customs.

I'm writing from Cilantro now but for the advantage of Starbucks for several reasons. My major concern is that they don't have a single Jordanian working there, though the word about it a local investment that competes with the international ones but why would I care to support the investor not the workers.

Supporting places that hires Jordanians is vital in my opinion, as it supports the culture of working and studying, not to mention the eco-system of circulating salaries and tips among your fellow Jordanians.

Again, this has nothing to do with other nationalities working in Jordan, I do respect every single one of them, but my personal preference to support Jordanians more than the others.

Cilantro's coffee isn't bad at all but every single cup taste differently, some consider it an advantage, I don't.

Starbucks will remain my favourite coffeehouse for their quality of service and for hiring Jordanians, maybe I would switch to avoid being politically labeled but only when I find a place that matches Starbucks quality and hire Jordanians.

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  1. finally someone agrees, thanks!

  2. Hi,,,,

    great info i am 100% agreed from this.

  3. Totally with you. I really like Full Cup too, and try to go their first, but Starbucks is open after kid-drop-off. Customer service rare-shickle there, smiling, calm, patient, helpful, hard-working Jordanians there.

  4. I was wondering why your name sounded familiar to me when I read Kinzi's post announcing that you're back to blogging. I think we once had a Starbucks discussion over Twitter.
    Welcome back to the blogosphere!

  5. Starbucks-Amman is the better than any Starbucks in America. They bring you the coffee!! They have a great view of Amman on their second floor, amazing, but the coffee is mediocre or maybe I was just that not used to it yet

  6. Yup! and now back to blogging :-)

  7. I was wondering if it was the best or no; but I guess you are right. although the one in the US are better than here and much cheaper.

  8. Good to see old-good bloggers here! :) welcome back Jad :)

  9. Hey,

    Nice post. I'm in no position to judge but I don't get why you compared two different points, I'm just saying this for cilantro's sake, where the employees polite, smiling and patient? If yes, then okay we can discuss the coffee taste issue.

    For the record, I haven't been to cilantro yet nor go to starbucks for political reason. Maybe now cilantro would see that there is some customers who would like to go in the early morning and use this post for their benefit.



  10. Thank you @twitter-17018005:disqus :-)

  11. It's as simple as it can be my friend, I prefer supporting local economy in everything I do.

  12. I agree with you and I don't see what've said as disagreement but as extending the point of supporting local economy.

  13. i disagree that its the best coffee house in town ;)

  14. hi,,,,,
    great blog.I am tottely agree with u.i prefer supporting local economy.thanks for sharing.


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