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Best of Mac

I just switched to Mac two months ago and to be honest, I'm enjoying it to the max. Of course, switching to Mac isn't that easy, switching to another operating system include a lot of phases. First you should familiarize yourself with the general system use, finding reliable applications to get the job done and digging deeper to understand the system, which I haven't reached yet.
One thing I noticed about the switch, once you're a Mac user, you're apps consumer! Seriously, you will start considering purchasing applications that works, unlike the philosophy behind GNU/Linux, in Mac you got to pay for apps; which is fine, but you don't get the source, with few exceptions.
On the other side, the usability of Mac is a scene of inexpressible beauty. Everything is well studied and planned, you will even find things that you wouldn't expect that someone thought of. Aside from the apps usability, the hardware is beautiful, yes Mac is Intel now and everything is Intel these days, but it works as advertised unlike my two fancy-on-time-of-purchase Toshiba laptops and dead-six-months-later.
There are plenty free of charge applications for Mac, but some apps are really unique, basically an art and therefore you have to pay for it if you really want it. So my first Mac tip would be to keep an eye on some Mac bundles, discounts and offers websites.

Personally, I haven't purchased any application yet but I have list of apps that I'm interested in, I will give it some time and if I couldn't find a decent replacement then buying it is the choice.

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