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Possessed Business in Jordan

I have been trying to captive what some people would call it negativity but I can't captive it any more especially when you put efforts to make everything work just as they should is exactly the same time when the master stupidity shows up to wreak something.

Master of stupidity is the monster that possess some private companies and so far we couldn't find an exorcist to stop that monster but yet we can keep trying.

What I'm about to suggest to today is a way to fight the Master of Stupidity on a monthly basis and make a very loud noise about it on the local blogospher but of course in a very polite manner as the point is not lashing people but a try to make a change.

What I'm wishing for is having a monthly mass bloging about stupid experiences we faced during the past month, it could be a silly issue with your Internet provider, favourite restaurant, coffee place, mall or any entity that you pay to get a product or service and then they fail to deliver their promise and/or your expectations.

How about taking the 24th of each month as a Possessed Business day? and using the title of [ Possessed Business - Company name ] in your post title and if you use [Possessed-Business] as a tag or category. Maybe in couple of months we can get more organised and start email the management staff and shareholders or anyone who can make a change.

If you are interested in participating leave a comment and if you prefer doing it anonymously you can send me an email to blog [ at ] jadmadi [ dot ] net


  1. Im with you jad.

    I guess Orange wins the first round.

    If I understood you request.

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  3. Cool idea, just please try to remind us early to have the chance to write something

  4. Tambi,
    It's good to have you. do you think you can make a quick logo for this idea, something to circulate around the blogs?

    I'm not sure whether we have to pick a company on the top of each month and ask people to share their experience or just ask them to write about whatever they encounter during that month. Personally, I prefer the second.

  5. Ulysses,
    This should happen spontaneously, we don't want people to write just because they want to participate rather than sharing a real life experience. you don't need a reminder, if something happened between 25 to the next 23 just write it and make it a draft until 24th.

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  7. Hello I am Annet who was playing in the Mohtaraf on Munday, from the Hidden Theatre. I am back in Italy, but still the evening is in my heart and soul... please could you in some way know what you wrote about the evening, it is very important for me to know what remained in the people after the performance even if many told me hugging and kissing me, even sometimes with tears in the eyes, the beauty of the dancing together and the garden, the beauty of Mohtaraf
    Give all my greetings to everyone who was there

  8. When is it gonna start? I want to participate, and I have just the perfect company that keeps annoying me and another 350.000 Jordanians!

  9. so the 24th is the date?
    I have just the perfect company, it's a company that doesn't save the chance of annoying me and another 350.000 Jordanians!

  10. Hi again,
    This should work as a reminder to participate and a reminder that this is not a chance to lash companies or vent our negative emotions against any individual or a company.

    Possessed Business in Jordan should be understood as online activism to make our voices heard in a very positive manner.

    Please do remember that the point is to deliver your message and make a change in a very constructive criticism else we wont be any better than whomever we criticise

  11. I understand that :)
    Keep me updated please.

  12. Great idea Jad! Sorry I missed this post. I am one who will need a reminder, about the 15th. :)

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