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Jordanian Special force mission at 7th circle

May Allah bless Jordan and our awesome special force

I couldn't embed the video nor download it so I will just link to it

Lina Taybeh [ Status originally written by Issa Mahasneh - Yugi] - Today, Jordanian special forces blocked 2 cars at 7th Circle in a thriving Hollywood style. The cars contained guns and other weapons. A must-see!

This is no NYPD, CSI style on TV. This is real drama action on the 7th Circle today.

A team of Jordanian SWAT Team blocked all the ways going to the 7th circle. It was a trap for 2 cars (non Jordanian plates). The cars had 3 people carrying machine guns in the trunk of their cars. The whole thing was completed in 2 minutes in a very professional Hollywood style. The Special Forces were wearing black masks, holding machine guns in the middle of the street, something we are not accustomed to in Jordan. The special forces trapped the two cars in the round abound, took the three men outside the car and into the ground, put them in the vans, checked if the cars had bombs, put the machine guns in another van and then drove away!

For a moment I thought that was a drill.

The people in the street started clapping and whistling after the Vans left.

I salute such men protecting our country and making sure it stays safe.

More from an eye witness

More from Ali's Notepad

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  1. Hi Jad, Welcome back to the blogosphere ;)

    It is amazing to know that what you share on Facebook is virally distributed over the net. The status above was first written by me :)
    Just to consider the original author of the videos:

  2. Hareega, Fadi

    Thanks man, Sorry I didn't know that else I'd have cited you. Can you provide me with a link to the original one? where it was posted first?
    Sure, post updated with the link you suggested.

  3. Hi Jad, thanks for checking my blog. I asked Lina to remove it from facebook as she quoted what I originaly wrote in my blog.

  4. Ali,
    You welcome but someone has to clarify whether the video and the commentary originally belongs to you or to Issa as he claim its his.

  5. Easy. I just shared the link to Ali's page on Facebook (the same link of my previous comment where I said that he was the original author of the videos!) and added my own status that you've posted, the rest of text was auto-generated by FB...

    btw, the new design is nice, too much colored, but it's very nice ;)

  6. I heard from a friend of mine that it was a drill, since if not, how come they only had the 2 cars alone within the round-about in a very busy day like Thursday, or why wait for them to get to it in the 1st place, they could have blocked them long time ago...

    Anyway....thats what i heard

  7. Maverick,
    I don't know but to me blocking them within the circle space sound very reasonable, they had plenty of space to take control of everything but sure I understand what you mean, they didn't land on 7th circle out of nowhere. anyway it's good that they captured them, I salute our special force.

  8. Police state ,period


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