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Stereotypes is a very complicated social issue that we have to deal with on a daily basis, starting from general society stereotypes such as taxi drivers are uneducated and vulgar; or every girl in the street with a high heel must be working!.
I'm sure that every and each one of us have been stereotyped before, personally I have always been Stereotyped as Mukhabarat (Jordan's General intelligence Department) simply because people love assuming things (because they think they are smart!) so the formula is easy, I'm a Jordanian with Circassian mother, red hatta winter-long and discuss political issues, criticise this and that so some people just highlights me with a marker as such, it's that simple! can't you see it? but yet I'm not a one although I wish I were, at least I wouldn't be unemployed now with no social security or health insurance.

On some other occasions I was stereotyped as a rich person just because the other party know some rich people with the same last name and assumed I'm just like them while I'm moderately poor guy who's not able to fund his academic study.
People do stereotype other people because they love to assume but assumptions are the mother of all fuckups and that's why it's bad to stereotype others.

Today was the Danish Beyond Stereotypes which was aimed to clear up the stereotype between Arabs and Danish especially after the Danish Cartoons crisis, it was amazing especially the short documentary clip An Arab Comes to Town which explains some reasons of why Arab-Danish didn't integrate well with the Danish society.

The Danish Ambassador introduction was good too and his answer to some aggressively pugnaciously formed questions were just great not to mention that arranging such even shows how much they do care about clearing the misunderstanding plus and making smoother bridges between the two cultural or more precisely the different mindset within the same global village.

Seeing Nabeel Sawalha is always good, his talent show be used more often in the Kingdom, maybe they should consider giving the guy a title like Minister of calming people down, we had the British here so it's not far from Ministry of Silly Walks.

Mariam Abu Addas & Adam Hannestad who seems to be a politically enlightened journalist gave great examples from their personal experience which shows how ugly stereotyping people can get ugly and how foolish people can look when you explain yourself to them.

Danish Ambassador in Jordan - H.E Thomas Omar Marzouk, Danish-Egyptian artist Adam Hannestad - Danish journalist Nabeel SawalhaMariam Abu Addas

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