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It's just some thoughts I thought of sharing with the world, most if not all are religious ones although I'm not religious person but pragmatically speaking going back to the roots is better than reinventing the wheel.

  • Because we present ourselves to the world as Muslims but we are not.

  • Because our scholars busy researching how to wash and pray

  • Because we double park at Fajir prayer even though there is plenty of free spaces.

  • Because using the mosque toilet has become a mission impossible.

  • Because we acquired that we succeed in the past but we've never been taught how we succeed.

  • Because we have a black & white eyes, grey area is a myth.

  • Because we memories Quran without understanding the meaning of it.

  • Because we left our ethics or whatever we claim to be ours.

  • Because we believe that western cultural and their ethics meant to destroy ours.

  • Because we apply Islamic laws only when it comes to marriage and inheritance.

  • Because we don't know why we are Muslims but yet we are so stubborn about identifying ourselves as Muslims.

  • Because we are not different from terrorists who give themselves the right to kill anyone against their beliefs but yet we think we are better.

  • Because anger is a legal excuse and actually can get you your freedom back, proudly.

  • Because we don't know that human rights exists in our religion, cultural and history and we aggressively believe in it as a western conspiracy.

  • Because we are schizophrenic. ie, the writer of this post is a heavy smoker and the writer of this post schizophrenic speller with honor and honour and because we kill our honour in our hands

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