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Why is Obama silent on Gaza situation?

Despite growing pressure on Barack Obama to speak out on the crisis in Gaza, the US president-elect has remained silent on the issue !


  1. him speaking about the issue will certainly piss someone off, since he didn't take office he doesn't need to act on the situation since he lacks the power to do anything. so it would be in his favor to act and comment on the situation when the emotions have quieted down. this is politics not emotional rhetoric

  2. Bambam,
    I totally agree with you on the theory part but practically he did spoke about Russian invasion to Georgia but not Gaza, that's the contradiction this producer is trying to draw attention to.

  3. The difference in the two situations is that he was expected to present an opinion on Russia/Georgia because it was in the middle of the campaign and people wanted to know where he stood on such matters. At the moment, however, he is in a holding pattern preparing to take office, and temporarily has very little political authority whatsoever. The only thing it would do is add an influential voice, either one way or the other, to which he would surely piss off the other side.

  4. But, Jad, he was campaigning then, and he had to respond to everything. Now, though, he is in his transition, trying to figure things out, and this is what I respect most about Obama. He doesn't speak until he feels like he understands all sides of the argument and can make an informed statement. I'm confident he will take a position on Israel/Palestine when he is in office and feels sufficiently well informed.

    Remember, also, that Obama has to answer first to his own constituents, the Americans who elected him be their next President. While many Americans are appalled by what's happening in Gaza, the economic crisis at home is a much more immediate and important concern for many Americans, and Obama has to address that before he can address any issues of foreign policy, even the presence of US troops in Iraq, which has a far more direct impact on far more Americans than what is happening in Gaza, tragic as it is.

  5. هذا "الهدوء الذي يسبق العاصفة" ... اصبر شوي حتى نشوف بشو رح يتحفنا.

  6. Jad, he spoke out about the Russian invasion because that happened while he was still campaigning for President. If this conflict had occurred during the campaign season, I'm sure all the candidates would have felt pressure to make statements about it.

    Also, it is considered bad form for a politician who has not yet taken office to act like he is already replacing the elected official who is still in charge. When he is president, he will have far more intelligence to inform him before he makes any comments about the mideast.

    And what would you expect him to say? Some words of sympathy for the palestinian people? Condemnation of Israel? Urging negotiations? Something to make people feel better? He can't make any major policy pronouncements until he is president, so it's best to let the current administration carry on until then.

    And when he does become president, don't be too hopeful - the USA is still morally on the side of the Israelis, most people are disgusted by the language and tactics of the Hamas thugs, and they are extremely suspicious and resentful of the muslim world. American policy will not change that much. Obama is not the second coming of Saladin.

  7. Because the whole middle east is one big fuck up
    For him to talk while Bush is in office is not needed

  8. @ Gary Gluon

    most people are disgusted by the language and tactics of the Hamas thugs,

    Excuse me? In case if you don't remember, the Palestinians were given the right to make choice through elections, and they have chosen Hamas. So, Hamas was elected legally and lawfully by the majority of the Palestinian people.

    Conclusion: calling Hamas "thugs" is just another way of calling the entire majority who elected them "thugs". And I expect an apology from you please.

    NOTE: Some people might think: "That guy is a supporter of Hamas!" Well, no, I'm not a supporter of anyone, I'm just a supporter of what's right.


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