Skip to main content Company decided to donate with the whole profit of the highest month income achieved each year as a permanent fund for supporting Gaza under the name of "Palestine month" to become the first online company who support Palestine financially in public.

From the point view of it's responsibility as a part of the Arab community , the company emphasized that this support is playing a key role to be a challenging good way to support our people in Palestine; who are suffering since decades from there agony with Israel .

It has been revealed that a lot of foreign business companies announced that they are supporting Israel by raising hundreds of millions of dollars each year especially in mean time for all the weapons, bulldozers and army preparing … and all this is just for turning the lives of Palestinians into a misery.

From this and all the ugly inhumanity actions that are being practice against Gaza's people. The company is emphasizing on the vital role of the financial support to keep the viability and presence of the Palestinian community. Corporate sponsorship is a very important issue here where all the members of the private sector, investors, and companies' owners should have a vital role.

"Committed to what his Majesty king Abdullah Ibn Al-Hussein; always showed and from our responsibility and duty that we believe in towards Arabs and Muslims everywhere, we took this step to be at least a simple way to express our believes, sympathies and; sharing the standing besides our people in Gaza and in alleviating there suffering and pain." Founder and CEO Bashar Shannak said.


Bashar Shannak


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