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Nicole Queen (New Muslim) قصة اسلام نيكول كوين


  1. The interview is run by Ruba Qewar, the same Jordanian christian I talked about few years ago and a good friend.
    Thanks for sharing Jad

  2. I watched the video after reading Ruba's story on Qwaider's post, it put some of the questions in perspective.

    I tried to open Nicole's blog displayed in the middle of the video, and found some other nicole queen on myspace (someone who is half Lebanese).

  3. Christians have the same joy when someone joins them in believing, but it is sad to we don't have the same ability to share such a story without putting their lives in danger. :(

  4. Qwaider,
    Oh I didn't know that, thanks for sharing.

    Hani Obaid
    The blog URL was mistyped, the one I was able to catch was not sure if it's the same one you are referring to but this one doesn't indicate anything about her half Lebanese roots but it could be, she's really pretty ;)

    Ahlain khalto :-)
    Let's try to avoid sympathy here, check youtube, paltalk and you will see how you have the ability to announce it :-)

  5. Well, none of those places are my blogging 'ummah'. I mean, would you welcome it if I did? :)

  6. Kinzi
    I'm afraid that I need some clarification on your second comment :-)

  7. I believe what Kinzi was is trying to say is that if such a public announcement of a Muslim converting to Christianity were displayed on the web (or on a blog), there would most likely be an emotional backlash and the real possibility that new convert's life would be in danger.

  8. Weeell, what I mean is, I don't really use YouTube or Paltalk. Sometimes I watch YouTube,but commenters there are mean and I hear Paltalk is too. I like our little Urdani blogosphere, but maybe you are right, I should at least consider it. Shukaraan!

  9. Dave
    I understand that although I didn't get it from her comment.
    Anyway, I was raised to question everything and having none educated humans that might feel that the post is against their believes shouldn't stop anyone; actually having such community should encourage people to post controversial materials, people should start using their brains :D

    Very true but this is the nature of Internet communities in general, bad voices are usually loader than the good one but that shouldn't stop you by any mean from participating and sharing stories you know or you like.

    finally, you should consider it SERIOUSLY 7ajeh :-)

  10. Kinzi and David
    Do you think Ruba didn't get beat half way to death? Stabbed several times by her own family? and ended up leaving the house with police escort!
    The threats didn't stop there. She still gets threats on a daily bases.

  11. Qwaider, oh yes, I know Ruba's family and especially after her father's death, they are hardly shining examples of stellar Christianity. Police protection is not afforded converts on the other side of the equation, rather, they go to court to force them to recant.Which is why I can't write about them.

  12. Qwaider
    Did she? where did you read about that? is that in her website?

    Why police protection isn't afforded when converts on the other side? I assumed that the police protection is as it means, a protection until hearing court verdict or giving one his/her freedom.

  13. Jad, Ruba is a personal friend of mine, I have "insider" information. She was stabbed, beaten, and she getat threats every single day.

    As for police protection, I'm not sure what the police would do in Jordan, so I can't say. But her family tried to murder her here in the US in Texas, trhee times and she gets the threats here in the US. In this day and age and on a daily basis.
    If you're interested, I can introduce you

  14. Qwaider
    Please do 7aj, please :-)

  15. Assalam on who is guided by the Real and only God Allah

    Thanks Jad for putting my interenview on your blog, it was really nice from you and may Allah accept your work.

    I just wanted to drop few lines to say salam, and tell you how happy I am for being Muslim, and I have met so many other reverts that are having great spiritual life - although of all the insults that they get from the community and families.

    may Allah bless you and guide us all to the straight path


  16. Qwaider, you 'know' much more than I 'know' as her friend about the particulars in Texas. It is quite shocking and a surprise to people I asked about it here. Certainly not what Jesus would want them to be doing, and I hope Ruba is reminding them of that with each incidence.

  17. Ruba Qewar,
    Salam Alikum

    I'm most honored to have you commenting on this blog


  18. Asalamu Alaikum,

    There will be a book ensha'Allah made regarding converts to Islam.ensha'Allah any convert story will be very helpful and ensha'Allah very influential in a positive way to the readers.If you are interested,please send your story with your picture.Please state whether you are a Sunni Muslim or Shia Muslim.

    Please note that this will ensha'Allah be translated to farsi.ensha'Allah it will be translated in the best possible way,however if there are any errors,please do forgive us.

    Thank you and Wa'salam.

  19. Muhammad Nur SerranoNovember 6, 2008 at 6:43 PM

    Salam sister nicole, what glued me to your site, is, first bcoz you are very beautiful modest woman, second is when you mentioned that you are "addicted" to Islam. Its true I myself had set aside my law books, bcoz my body and mind cannot stop thinking any thing but in pursuit of truth, knowledge, and justice of Islam.

  20. I am myself a former Roman Catholic. I went to Islam for a selfish motive but alhamdulillah only to find the truth in Islam. My relatives had branded me as fanatic or addicted with Islam now but I am only defending (by researching)of what they had falsely accused against Nabi Isa al masi.

  21. Asalamu Alaikum,
    Ana new to islam I just converted and me aswell have been seeking Allah wa I was watching about American woman converted to Islam on you tube wa would love to talk with any new muslim women. Hamdu li lah for helping me finding the rite path.
    Shukran Nicole for your video. Email me anytime Insha Allah.

  22. very nice ..this speech would help the muslims to understand themselves and assess their activities....

  23. hi thes ahmed i want b frand waths you im egyptian

  24. A.S.A,

    I went through your entire video. Its really amazing Alhamdullilah. For me, it was something different, looking at a lady from US accepting Islam so well. I am a Call Center professional and I know for the fact when we speak to any american, australian or any foreigner they are very uch against islam and are racists. Anyways may Allah reward you and give hidayah to others to follow-the same path of Shahadah which you have adopted.

    I am from Bombay, India. We are doing Dawah for our muslim and non-muslim brothers and sisters in India. we have a unit in Bombay called as Islamic research foundation run by Dr. Zakir Naik werein we do dawah for non-muslims brothers and sisters. If your time permits can you be in Bombay for a day seminar on new reverts. Everything will be taken care by us, Inshallah. The date time will be announced later.


    Ist of all i want to congratulate and welcomes u at a glourious and peaceful religion ISLAM,i just c ur talk on youtube and i was verrrrrrrry very happy to listen abt islam from you,may Allah give us jannah in akhira...

  26. Asaalaamuu Aleykum,I am a born Muslim I am deeply touch by nicole queen mighty Alla will guide her always, please plesae please I really want to get in touch with nicole queen if you can give her my email address.Alla will give you the reward.

  27. Innsaa Alla she will be guided Please Please please give my adddress

  28. al hamdo liallah rabi al3lamin .and congratulation to you sister .we'r proud of youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  29. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Wa Lillahil Hamd..

    Assalamu Alaikum Sister Nicole,

    I was very much interested to chase your story, once I had an opportunity to witness for a preview of your intervies. And finally I had the opportunity to download all episodes to save my Computer for our futer reference while is a family discussion.

    May Allah Almighty keep all of us through the right path and guide us to do the best thing in life that would result best reward here and after (Ameen)

    Please keep remember us in your prayer too.

    Best Regards

  30. Alhamdulillah ........ Mashallah ...... That interview moved me indeed .... I could see she was almost breaking into crying ..her eyes were filled with tears near the end of the interview... Allah hu akbar ....
    In a Hadith , Prophet PBUH narrates that if a person is making duaa to Allah SWT and if tear comes out of his/her eye to the magnitude of the wing of a Mosquito ... Then Allah SWT will surely accept that Duaa.

    Alhamdulillah ....... May Allah Forgive our sins .and lead a life as told by him , Until we are alive ..

  31. ya.shes verry proudy and smart.ALLAH choose her and HE protects her.
    im convert too,jewish descendent.
    i feel bether than ever before...


  32. You are giving me power in life.

    Thank you.

  33. assalamu alaikum
    how r u i hope u will be fine u r very luck girl that Allah chose you as muslim u should be thankfull to Allah that he show u a right way i like you n i m happy that u are now muslim girl

  34. Salam Nicole,

    I am a muslim twelve year old girl and when i saw ur video i got so touched to my heart that i practically started crying. Masha allah ur so beautiful with ur hijab i just with i can talk to u in person. Ur really someone i look up to. Plzzzzz email me back. I have one more question was it hard to start to wearing a hijab. Because im in the middle of a decision of deciding to wear a hijab or not. Plz email me bck at [email protected] U r really someone i look up to and like.

  35. asslamualaikum warahmatullàahi wabarakatuh, mashallàah nicole alhadolillàah ,i am glad for you, allàah prescribed all the believing women to lower to their gas and draw their veil,mashallàah nicole,i am very happy when i saw you video, mashallàah,all the best for you and allàah bless you nicole, your brother mohamed( [email protected] )

  36. mashallàh nicole alhadolillàah ,i am glad for you,your brothr from marocco ,mohamed ( [email protected] ) all the best for you ,mashallàah.

    MASHAALLAH NICOLE QUEEN, ALLAH BLESS U AND GIVES U ALL CHEERS IN LIFE.. U find the truth and way of life (straight) path...
    Please pray for me too.
    take care
    Muhammad Khurram

  38. Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, laa ilaaha ilallah wallaahu akbar.
    kamu benar-benar seorang bidadari yang cantik didunia yang pernah aku lihat, terangilah dunia ini selalu dengan cahaya islam mu (i can see, u really an angel of the worl,always keep the world with ur islam ligth)

  39. Assalam-o-Alaikum wr wb. Subhanallah! i just watch your video at youtube. I am so happy for you. You took right decision, you are on the right way, Alhamdulillah, I wish i could talk to you. Wish you a very beautiful life.. Amin.. take good care of yourself and remember me in your pray..

  40. i think the man who seeks truth will find that islam is a clear & stable truth islam will guide us to peace with ourselves & others & with Allah
    Allah bless & protect uNicole

  41. asalam alikm ,nic am glad that you have dscided to chose the true rilegon coz you well not regret it slam is the rilagon of veirtu and faith plz if you want to know about our beloved masenger (mohammed صلى الله عليه وسلم) contact me and i will give you all the answers you want [email protected] thies is my email i will assist you to the end of my life my sister in islam good luke

  42. Dear Sister in islam...Mabrook

    'Jaa al Haque wa Zahaqal Baatinu,
    innal baatila kana Zahooqa'

    May Allah bless you with peace in your life and Jannah in Aaqira. If you want to share any of greivences or issues please feel free to write to me . [email protected]

  43. ALhamdulillah. Sure it was an act u stood up to and had soo many thoughts and wispers sweeping through your mind, sure you're now thankfull to the Almighty for this BIG STEP and i'm sure u never regreted acting upon. May Allah see you through and we muslims as well. May we continue to be guided to the right path.Ameen. [email protected]...
    nice to hear from you soon

  44. Dear Nicole,

    I am so muallaf too from Indonesia. I am glad you join with us. Please keep stay on your faith, and please not to hesitate if any doubt to ask...

    Happy life Nicole...


  45. Nicola:
    You don't know what you've done with my heart, feelings and thoughts.
    Really I cried when I watched you speaking about my religion because I am original Muslim but you spoke in other way, you spoke with your spirit and heart your speech was very deep, honest and confident I am sure that a lot of Muslims they cant say what did you say because easily they didn't live the other way of life they didn't feel that they found their selves after a very long scary lost.
    Sister Queen Nicol please prey for me (make do'a) I feel you are nearer to Allah than me. Queen really I feel as I am listening to one of AlSahaba (Profit companions pease upon him) I am asking Allah to bless you and keep you safe under the umbrella of Islam.
    Your brother Adnan

  46. Alsalum alukum nicol

    i ask allah (SW) to put you in the highest Posation in the Pradaise belive me this frist time for me to send a messege
    to another body who is not my frind because your speache affect me very much and if i will marry i ask allah (sw) to give me A wife like you
    your brother Tarek

  47. asslamualaikum
    Thank to Allah who give you the light of Islam-The only way of life in the world and beyond.
    Islam have all the ways of doing things,from get up in the morning until you go to bed again! Allah will reward you of doing this the Islam Way.Example: Islam way of wearing shoes- You say Bismillah, You put on right,the left shoes, Allah will reward you of doing this. Then you want to take off your shoes, you take off left, then right shoes, and Allah will reward you again. You just tell me, has anybody reward you when you do this? The answer is NO! But Allah will Reward you anything good you do the Islam way.
    Lastly, take care of your five prayer a day and remember Allah always in your heart. Thanks

  48. Assalamualaikum
    Thank to Allah who guides you with the light of Islam - the ONLY one religion that Allah recognised in the world and the days after. Everything that we do starting from get up in the morning until we go to bed again at night, Islam has the way of doing things according to what the Prophet told us.On top of that we will be rewarded by Allah even to the smallest good things that we do during our once life time-even if you wear and take off your shoes followed the Islam way still we will be rewarded by Almighty Allah.Lastly, take care of your five prayers a day and says Allah always in your heart!

  49. salam alaikom nicole
    iam so proud when i am see this section,and i hope to allah give you aljannah me and you and all muslims,iam really happy to be our sisters,and you see the noor(light)...wish you happy new life..t.c

  50. Assalam ou alaikoum,

    Honnestly, watching this video, made me feeling something special. I was so pleased and so happy to see that there are poeple in the US who convert to Islam, I mean convinced of this religion

  51. Allah bless you and gives you all the cheers in your life.Mashaallah!!

    Wafakaki Allah sister.

  52. Assalaam Alaykoom Nicole ,
    You've done the right thing for sure . Not only will you have internal PEACE but also you will have a great reward from God who guided you to PEACE. I saw your video on youtube and I plan to share it with many others because you're setting a good example to Muslims who don't know their religion properly and to anyone else who wants to lead a decent life in a PEACEFUL WORLD .

  53. i want to say to nicole im sow happy for you im hanan im a musulm girl marocccain and i want to say you are down i grit job wow

  54. Asalamu Aleyki my sister in Islam. Am happy that made the right decision. May ALLAH make you among the dwellers of paradise. Sister please tell the american citizens that Islam is a universal religion, a way of life and takes care of everything including the american socio-economic problems. It is only in Islam where the rich is made obligatory to assist the poor. Imagine every rich american citizen assisting his fellow poor american.

    wa billahi tawfiiq


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