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Car accident

I'm not sure if I have to be excited because it's my first car accident or should I get pissed off because I have to fix the car in days because my license renew is due next week.

I was on the queue to traffic light when someone decided to pass a queue of like 30 car to get directly into traffic light so he took the other side of the street where another race was started and just before reaching the traffic light to avoid a serious accident with the champs he decided to hit my car instead.


Thankfully I'm fine.


  1. salamat ya jad o 7amdellah you're ok

  2. Salamat Man,
    what an idiot, i wish i was there to see what youv done to him

  3. 7amdellah 3ala salamtak, glad you're OK..

  4. il 7amdella 3ala il salameh, well its your first and its the most annoying don't worry u'll get through all that

    he is an idiot and he deserves a huge punishment, I totally hate it when they come from behind taking other people's turn, and the weird thing this is the default behavior for many drivers :S!

  5. Dude, why am I not surprised by this in the least bit. Glad you're OK and love the graphic.

  6. Ok, and one more thing? Are you going to post pictures of your car for those of us who are morbidly curious? :P

  7. الحمدلله على سلامتك
    I don't think this counts as an accident for you, although technically it is.

    But unless you tumble down a cliff there really is nothing to be excited about. In fact, in this incident, you should think of it as saving someone's life instead of you having an accident.

    On the down side, I hope your car is not a new one, because no amount of fixing can bring a car back to its original state.

  8. Chika
    Thank you, kolo men da3aweki :p

    I did nothing, he locked his car :D

    Thanks 7ajeh :-)

    Hala hala, 3athama allaho ajrakom, wala 7ases 7ali be 3aza :D

    Thanks :-)

    Waleed Khamis
    Thank you Waleed and yes I agree, unfortunately it is the norm in Jordan.

    Truely linux graphics ha? and to tell you the truth, nobody is surprised except me, even my family when I called them saying I had accident and gonna be late, they were like ok, try to get things done ASAP, we are waiting!! LoL

    Sari S. Al-Hiari
    You are a true Salti, in all possible meanings :D
    Thanks for the call my friend :-)

  9. Wow, on seeing the first picture, I expected the damage to be much worse, guess he wasn't going that fast.

    Anyway, I'm glad you're ok.

    Incidentally, someone I've never met asked me some questions about being a developer in Amman, and I answered the ones I could, and told her to try asking you. Hope you don't mind.

  10. Hani Obaid
    Yeah, the damage was so minimal, hamdulilah :-)
    Yes sure, feel free to give my contact to her, walaoooo 7aj :-)

  11. Salamat… i love the illustration and the annotation you put up there…

  12. Salamat... i love the illustration and the annotation you put up there...

  13. Salamat Jad ;)

    i liked how you labeled the other driver as "idiot" in he picture :P

  14. 7amdila 3al salami 7ajji.. el mohim enta ma sar feek eshi.
    salamat 7ajji :)

  15. Basem, Sameer & Shamel
    Thank you ya jama3a :-)

  16. [...] Jad had a car accident and illustrates how it happened here. Posted by Amira Al Hussaini  Print Version Share [...]

  17. Al-7amdu lil-Lah it didn't get any worse than that, and Al-7mdu lil-Lah you came out of it unscathed.

  18. Salamtak Jad :D
    He is such an idiot indeed :P

  19. Base6a ya zam...this just scratches, I know good body work+painter shop

  20. Sounds like an idiot move on his and then turning into you, what was he thinking.


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