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Ubuntu Arabic Team

We have been working on Ubuntu Arabic silently to merge all of the scattered Ubuntu related efforts in Arabia to establish one solid good team and I guess we just did it and we just reached phase zero. (Yes, we were working in minus degree).
First, we merged with and now waiting to hear from, we are so excited and we want to put all possible efforts on this team.
Our goals includes but are not limited to the following

  • Handling Arabic Support on discussion forum, mailing list IRC and LP answers.

  • Provide hosting to Ubuntu LoCo Teams in Arabia and giving them all kind of possible help

  • Translating available contributor guides to Arabic to get the more contributors from Arabia (Now we are working on new translators guide) next might be MOTU

  • Taking Arabic translation into higher level, currently we have 165 translator, 266742 untranslated strings which make the status %64 untranslated.

  • Providing Arab users with apps that doesn't exists yet in official repositories in our PPA

We still need lots of time to get in shape and this is just the start, our team still small and of course we are in need for any tiny contribution, if you are interested in helping please join us
Mailing list:
Related Projects: Ubuntu Arabic Website - Stardict English Arabic dictionary
PPA: Ubuntu Arabic Personal Package Archive
Discussion Forums: Temporarly but soon we are moving to
IRC Channel: #Ubuntu-Arabic on Freenode network
IRC Bot - Ubuntu-Arabic / Arabot
The team would like to thank for sponsoring us with a one year dedicated server and a life time license of vBulletin (They are hosting the Arabic Open CD too!) , we also would like to thank DirectAdmin ControlPanel for sponsoring us with a life time license which will make it easier to provide Arabia's LoCo teams with hosting.
Thank you Kuwaitnet and DirectAdmin, without your help things would be very tough on us.
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  1. I'd like to thank all the team for the remarkable effort!

  2. Good luck to the new Arabic team! I also speak a RTL language and I find that support of my language is better in Ubuntu (with KDE, I have not tried Gnome) than with either Mac OS-X or MS Windows. RTL support is excellent and the new Arabic team will surely have a good time putting all the remaining pieces in their place. Good luck!

  3. PierreS
    Thank you :-)
    Dotan Cohen
    Indeed RTL support in FOSS is way better than MAC and Windows; and by the way when you hear us criticizing current status of development or level of translation it's because we're are so ambitious and it's because we have the freedom to do things but not because it's in bad shape.
    Thank you and good luck to you too :-)

  4. Dedicated servers are the best when you want a stable webhost. ~~~

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