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The long waited solution has just arrived, although they did not cover all of the Kingdom yet nor all of Amman but they are coming to your area soon.

If you live some where close to Jordan University street, Al-Gardens or Al-Rabyeh then you are one of the luckiest Jordanians as they have covered those areas and now working on covering Shmisani and later Wadi Saqra.

According to their customer care, if they got a deal with the NEPC to use their infrastructure they would be able to cover Amman within three months.

Although I feel so sad that they did not cover our neighborhood yet but I really feel so happy just for hearing the word Cable; combine it with Service provider, isn't it awesome?

Here is some details I got from the customer service, currently they are using local Internet provider but they are working to get their own line within a month and then they will be able to sell 10mb Internet, did you hear that? 10MB? GOD, I love JCS.

Another cool thing is that you will get a 70 TV channel with your cable connection, twenty out of them are subscribers only channels if you want to get them through satellite but with cable you will get them for free.

Did I mention the free telephony between JCS subscribers? or the 50MB Intranet between subscribers? another good thing about them is that they will not cap your Internet connectivity and they will never torture you by dropping your Internet speed into very unusable state because you decided to use what you have; of course they might change their mind just like what TeData did before.

I'm so excited about cable service and I really hope they wont turn to become a monster just like what others did.

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