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Ogio Metro VS Ogio Messenger Ubuntu Bags

I'm hunting for a new laptop bag and to be honest my current bag is ok but I want something associated with Ubuntu.
Canonical Shop has two nice bags but I'm still not sure which one to go with
Ubuntu Ogio Metro Backpack
Ubuntu Ogio Messenger Bag
Both seems to be good and I'm not sure which one to pick, I wonder if anyone have any of them and can give feedback about the quality and feel.
On the other side of the news, Why Canonical Shop is so expensive ? is it because it's a UK based? if so how about shifting into to Canada.
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  1. Why is Canonical that expensive?
    I think that all these bags are produced in big quantities by Ogio, but that special "Ubuntu" logo is only placed on very low number of bags.
    I remember that i had to pay about 45 Euro for one single stitched logo at one shop here in Germany.
    Also i'm interested in one of these too, but can't decide which one to get.

  2. been reading your blog through planet ubuntu users RSS feed.
    I'm the same, so damn expensive!
    I like the shoulder bag but I have a feeling it would be bulky against your side, the rucksack looks good though.
    It's the same with the Mozilla Firefox bags! so expensive but so good!

  3. I don't have these particular bags, but I did get an Ogio backpack bag from and I love the thing. Very solid and well made. I'm almost tempted to "upgrade" to an ubuntu bag...maybe when the wife's away on a conference. :)

  4. They're based in the Isle of Man so they don't have to pay either US or UK taxes. I don't know if that's why they're so expensive, but if it is, then WOW the Isle of Man has a very high standard of living! The men's white, men's black, and ladies' black shirts, and brown hoody are the only things in there at a normal price in USD. The rest of the t-shirts are around $30! That's insane. That's worse than Abercrombie's prices, and they're aimed at teenage girls with more money than sense.

  5. Ok, so I don't have the "Ubuntu" one but I do have a firefox bag. It can be had at from the mozilla store. I only got it because it was $60 as opposed to $120 for the ubuntu bag. In any event, I love it! It's the best bag I've ever had. I bike with it. It carries my laptop, my pens, some cds, a screwdriver, a water bottle, a cell phone, and any other crap I need to lug around. Furthermore, it looks nice enough that I can carry it into clients and not feel awkward about it.
    Get one, get one!

  6. @Mackenzie: Canonical is registered on the Isle of Man, but the main office is in London. The store is outsourced and run by "Merchandise Mania", not Canonical themselves.
    I have the messenger bag and it's great. It's not bulky at your side, because you can easily swing it round so it's behind you as you walk. Surprisingly comfortable.
    On the Ubuntu UK Podcast we have a competition each month to win a money-off token from the Canonical store. So listen in and enter the competitions to be in with a chance :)

  7. Yay, i ordered my backpack today. Hope they will deliver it fast :)

  8. Alex9er
    I'm not sure if having Ubuntu logo on my laptop bag would justify extra %40 especially while jobless :D it would if I had a job.
    I got some feedback that it's doesn't give the bulky feel, it's so tempting
    Rick Harding
    [email protected]'s away :D
    Isle of Man, cool, I got to research it; maybe I should run my business there .
    and yeah the wearables are also expensive.
    I totally agree with you but you know carrying Ubuntu bag feels different, darn i want it :D
    I take your word on Surprisingly comfortable and of course I'm one of your fans (How many fan do you have? do you feel the wind?)
    I envy you!

  9. Why thanks!
    We get about 1500 downloads per episode per week at the moment. With around 500+ subscribers to the RSS feeds (iTunes and the like). Suggestions for content always welcome! :)

  10. actually I was looking for buy the laptop bag , but I think it's kinda expensive
    a lil extra surfing , I found the same one , without Ubuntu logo and with a different color with 50$$
    but I like the Ubuntu one because of the colors.

  11. Well the price is not that high any more for the messenger bag.

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