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Life is never ending installation festivals & Confrences

Ubuntu Jordan LoCo Team Logo Allow me to repeat myself here, Life is never ending installation festivals & conferences at least when it's about your freedom Ubuntu Jordan LoCo Team will be at the Open Source Day Organized by Jordan University of Science and Technology.
This event we will be packed with our new member Advocate Omar Eltaweel who will be giving a 60 minutes presentation about Legalizing your IT infrastructure and Of course Mr Khamis Seksek who will be speaking about Linux as an investment.
No speaker slot for the poor me this time but I will be handling the Installation festival, hopefully we will be able to distribute more than 200 CD although the estimate number of visitors goes beyond 5,000, we are still hunting for a sponsor if you think you can sponsor us please leave a comment as we are in big need for more CDs

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