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I've never thought that I'll make a cent out of blogging but in the last two years I made around $4000 out of blogging using various adversing models. Couple of months ago I received a cheque from text-link-ads which is the best advertising agency I dealt with so far.

I tried many advertising agencies like Google Adsense, Text Link Ads, Adbrites, some advertisers contacted me personally to place an ad on certain posts, I tried PayPerPost and ReviewMe and the best so far was Text Link Ads.

A key factor to success in making money out of your blog is to place the Ad code/plugin and keep blogging without thinking about What should I blog about? basically just be yourself and keep your blog just as it is and actually it feels way better; whatever you're talking about be sure someone out there in the other side of the world interested in placing an Ad within your contents.

The only drawback with Text Link Ads that they don't support Wire transfer to bank account and Jordanian banks will rip you off when you send the cheque to them so I guess we should blame Jordanian banks rather than Text Link Ads, Not sure if there is any alternative solution to this yet.

There are also plenty of other revenue generating ideas, for example, You can think about boosting your content by finding bloggers interested in writing freelance posts.

Now, I'm waiting for around $1000 in the next couple of days.


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