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I *totally* agree with her but not her reasoning

Love it or hate it, she's making a sense ;)


  1. i watched this before ... i think but she is evil, evil i tell you

    w0t a suckup

  2. Well, I think it's easy to figure out that she would not have said this had the majority of Muslims adopted a more reasonable approach towards the West. But her approach towards Muslims in general is not reasonable or moderate either.

    So, I don't know what to make of it. Did she make sense? I don't think she made a productive argument. That's what I can say. She only vented out, and in her venting she was just as bad and irrational as Muslims who vented out in newspapers and in demonstrations in the streets.

    The only difference is. While those protesters in Pakistan who yelled at the top of their lungs and you saw on TV might be poorly educated, this one has a PHD! Not good for her.

  3. I agree with her 100%, and with her reasoning, because it sounds logical to me.

    And SADLY the last 30 seconds sound so true.

  4. she might make sense regarding the fact that the reactions werent the most appropriate, yet she slanders in an extensive manner which makes it almost hard to perceive her as a non-biased free thinker...

    Allah yehdeeki ya Wafaa' ya Sultan, lol

  5. You agree with her? There is not one teeny tiny bit of sense in what she said!

    She is a total and complete bitch, and she cannot even speak properly.

    Her argument is invalid because it is 100% wrong. Islam is not represented by Osama Bin Laden or Zarqawi or any of the extremists. Therefore, the cartoons are manipulative. I have no doubt that the cartoonist has not the slightest idea about true Islam.

    Also, since she is such an admirer of freedom; she should know that one person's freedom ends when another person's freedom begins. All people can be as free as they want to be as long as they have respect for others, not hurt and humiliate them.

    She can burn in HELL for all I care :)

  6. No actually she doesn't make any sense not what so ever, I've been atheist since the age of 15... and that's the stupidest crap I've ever heard for a long time.. and BTW, I know all about Wafa'a, if it wasn't for her devoted love to the Zionist movement no one would've heard about her in the first place.. I read a lot of her writing and I saw many interviews for her, she's blindly biased for the Zionist, that's why they take care of her.. besides she probably makes one of the stupidest arguments ever.. not only in this interview, but in other writings as well..


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