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I have been and still busy working on my top secret project that should change the world into a better place, No kidding; I don't have a top secret project and I've been busy doing nothing other than reading, socializing and working on two voluntary projects.

I start reading around 9:00 AM and since the weather is getting warmer day by day, I sit by the balcony to read and enjoy birds signing and the natural light but it's about couple of hours before getting pissed off of those people who come to visit/beg/flirt the former minister and current parliament member.

The guy seems to be nice and seems to be helpful and very respectful to his people but they don't seems to be respectful to our neighbourhood at all, they come early morning and stay for like six hours waiting for him although the guy have a schedule they knew he's not coming home today and they should go to his office instead but they just like to stay in the street, eating nuts and keeping an eye on every maid taking the garbage bag out.

I'd love to share some photos I took of those people but out of respect to human beings and for the sake of not losing faith of humanity in Jordan, I wont but isn't it really bad to pee in the street? between cars? MY CAR and the neighbor's car! GOD I don't mind their noise nor sitting on my car, i don't mind anything but DO NOT PEE IN PUBLIC, especially if you are an old man with the fully fledged with traditional customs and when you don't have a cleansing hand gel! and then you go to shake hand with others, smoke a cigarette and probably enjoy a falafel sandwich.

On the other side of the news; Happy mother day.

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