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Dumping man from wheelchair

There are plenty of human rights organisations focusing on human rights status in the Middle East and they are trying to draw attention to us as the worst place for human rights.

They might be right to certain extent but in general they try to catch any incident to make a buzz out of it even if it's a mistake by an individual or just a single incident and they do present it and talk about it as such thing would never happen in their countries but in fact what happens there is worst than what we got here.

What they did to the wheeled man is rather humiliating

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  1. Oh my god, that is shocking! The poor guy was dumped on the floor ... just like that!
    How sad!

  2. Jad, that's police abuse... not a human rights violation. Just saying.


    It's a good thing this video was made public, or they probably wouldn't have taken any disciplinary action. It seems like the officers who were strolling around didn't have any problem with that. I heard on the news earlier that every police officer visible in that video has been suspended pending an investigation, now. Hopefully they will go after the jail supervisor as well, since he didn't take any action (even though he had access to the video) until the story was all over the news.

  4. isn’t that a human right violation?

    Only if one agrees with your assertion that it was "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment", Jad. I personally don't think that's what they had in mind when they wrote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I think that was generic police brutality, made more shocking by the fact that the victim was in a wheel chair, and completely defenseless. I think that article of the UDHR meant treatment or punishment that was *intentionally* cruel, inhuman and degrading. Like some of the stuff that's been videotaped in Egyptian jails the last couple of years. That officer said she didn't believe he was really paralyzed and that's why she dumped him out of the chair. I think that's probably true. I also think she should be fired, and every other officer present should be disciplined, and that the guy in the chair should be generously compensated.

    Do you think this is as bad as the case of the Bulgarian nurses held for nearly a decade in a Libyan prison being raped, tortured, etc for a crime that they didn't commit, and that the Libyan government knew from the start they didn't commit? Those nurses weren't even IN Libya when those children contracted the HIV virus, after all. How much does that suck? That's what the section of the UDHR you quoted had in mind, right there.

  5. Craig
    Why we are tagging what Libyan government did as human right case but not this one?
    Abuse is abuse, it's just polymorphic action to me.

    Even people in Africa's jungle would know how to check if a man is paralysed or not, what she did was a very intentional action else she would be shocked after dumping him and trying to make it up after making sure that he's paralysed, instead she kept checking him and all other officers came to watch as if they were in a circus.

    This what defines intentional action, committing a mistake, never look up or clean up, keep on humiliating the target.

  6. Craig
    It's not about winning or lose dude :-)

  7. I know, Jad. I meant that it doesn't match my notion of what a human rights violation is, but you make good arguments and I can see how it could be considered one.

  8. WOW,this story traveled fast and far..I live about 45min away from "Orient road jail" where it happened..
    It is hard to watch especially that he's quadriplegic but the deputy involved will face criminal charges and he's been paraded with his lawyer all day on TV..Don't worry about him,they have a justice system to back him..
    Do we know back home what happens to inmates and how they are treated once they are inside?? Are the deputies held accountable for the abuses committed?? Are records and videos available to the public?? I don't think so..We are the worst place for human rights..


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