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What's up with people taking wrong decision?

Why people are taking the very wrong decision these days?
First it started when they decided to go with the most untrusted travel company Trust and then the driver decided to speed up in a tough weather and a really tough and curvy road (Amman - Irbid).

Now the PSD Public Security Directorate is taking the wrong decision by not being bit aggressive with such cases, especially when the quick reaction to such dramatical acciedents is just a must.

Customs Department has a tracking device to track all incoming trucks with goods; can't PSD install a such tracking device to track bus speeds?

Can't they install a speed limiter? something that wont let the bus go further than 80km/h at max or even 70km/h, If they are not afraid of the speeding ticket nor being bit careful about the lives they are driving in the bus then someone have to have a control over them.

I wonder how many speed radar would it take to cover all Jordan, from Romtha to Aqaba? 100? for one every 50km or maybe we could duplicate that number, we already got the equipments and the manpower, why not for god sake? why the wrong decision?

Being strict when applying laws should go beyond doing it only in Amman, The Kingdom is one unity and what happen in Amman should NOT stay in Amman.

Why Whoever Mr responsible cannot close Trust company? or let me ask this question, How many MAN bus do we have in Jordan? 1000? 2000? How hard is it to have a policeman in every MAN bus and a Coaster bus? not a practical solution?

There should be a way to do it to reach the peace of mind when driving or getting in a bus in Jordan.

Another thing, Can the government be bit more transparent about this case? I'm deadly interested in knowing what would happen, how they will be sued and what would be the compensation to those who died or in hospitals now, who knows maybe me , my family or friends next.

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  1. First of all, i can't right my name in English... it will lost the meaning...

    Second of all: what i red in your post was interesting, but, you are putting the whole responsibility on the government.

    and you didn't mention the society role in here... the society has a big role, preventing accidents,
    the government has a bigger role in applying the punishments.. who whomever caused or been and accessory in causing it...


  2. Sorry but your suggestions above are all impractical and out of proportion. I think a simpler more effective long term (but more difficult) solution is to slowly retrain all bus, taxi + bus drivers. Also we need to review the conditions of our roads and highways because many of them are designed to cause accidents such as the particular descent + curve in Salhoub, some other highways such as Amman - Zarqa can no longer be called highways because so many houses and shops where built on the sides of the road, this is slowly happening to the airport highway instead there should have been an exclusion zone of 100m so buildings can only be built near highway exits and not the highway itself. The best solution for this is probably to get advise from some European highway agency on how to preserve our highways and how to sort out some of the engineering mistakes such as the Salhoub bridge corner and make them safer for drivers. Also we need to use better quality paint for our highways and roads as after a few weeks the paint being used more or less disappears and the road becomes simply a stretch of asphalt which ecnourages people to speed and change lanes and is probably one of the reasons for out terrible driving habits.

  3. A speed limiter on public transportation. Simple but brilliant!

  4. an intelligent tachograph ...
    one with which drivers cannot fool police with, like the embedded tachographs currently available on all commercial vehicle.

    As according to my observations, most of the drivers in Jordan have ready-made tachograph cards, and show the police those false "nice" one whenever the police would ask them about the tachograph cards, I saw this over 40 times with my bare eyes.

    those have speed limiters that can be preset and beep all the time whenever exceeding the speed limit.

    Anonymous, JETT Buses drive with the speed limits and reach within exactly 4 hours... despite their "creapy to my opinion" buses! Hint Hint: Trust's Buses had exactly the same number of accidents as much as JETT had ever since it started working in 1964! or is it even more!!!
    Dont believe me?! Go check both companies records at the traffic dept police.
    Another Hint Hint: In entire Turkey (where there are 100s of Coach bus companies operating inside and outside turkey), ever since the intelligent tachographs were implemented, 7-8 years ago, only 4-5 speed accidents happened which is less than Trust alone (I am talking about an entire country here!) (as some other accidents were due to earthquakes and other catastrophic causes)... interesting, ha!?

    Also, Mr Anonymous, yes, there are such rails on that particular part of the road, its just that the bus simple flied above them!!!!

    About the programmable signs are not such a piece of cake as you think! those are part of something bigger entitled "Intelligent Traffic Information Systems" and have many other parts other than those signs. I worked and studied telematics my-self & know what am i talking about.

  5. corrections: only 4-5 HORRIBLE speed accidents happened, and noted on a highscale at most at a the same bus company ... sorry for the expression mistake.

  6. You don't have to have the traffic control network that major cities in the US have to be able to control a few programmable signs on the road. Some of these signs can be programmed by simply sending them a text message. All it takes is for someone to go check the road conditions in the morning and update the sign. Most companies that make these signs make high resolution models that are perfect for Arabic. These signs are big, and dominate the road when you're driving, there's almost no way to miss them and because they're dynamic and change the driver knows to always read what they say.

    Regarding the comparison to JETT. First, I just checked right this moment. Trust's schedule says Aqaba-Irbid takes 3hrs and 45mins. You're talking about a 15min difference over a distance of ~350 km. You're talking about a ~6km/h difference in average speed. And you're comparing back to 1964? Did the roads exist in their current conditions back then? Did the buses even go this fast back then? They used to make it to Amman in 4 hours back in 1964? Obviously not. Anyway, JETT buses have an excellent safety record I can't deny that, knock on wood. But, I'm not sure what your point is, because the trips that Trust makes between the two cities are done under the speed limit too. The driver of a bus is not gonna listen to you or me about what speed he should go at, he's gonna listen to himself and limit himself by what the road says, so maybe the speed limit has to be changed, but if your theory is that Trust buses can't make it from Aqaba to Amman on company time without breaking the speed limit, that is a theory worth taking to the police and courts, and by all means if you care, do pursue it, but I can save you the trouble and tell you that it's not true because the bus schedules didn't come from air, they were set after making several trips. Finally, Trust travels most kilometers a year of all the companies at 4.5-5 million every year. JETT only travels quarter of that and not on all the roads that Trust travels on.

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