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They were playing game, it was one of those hard to pass, no cheats or passwords were available and because my laptop is attached to me all the day they though I'm a games expert and that's how it started...

A herd of nephews and nieces were shouting, Khaloo, Khaloo, Amoo, Amoo, can you help us passing this level ?

Jad, What level? which game?
Them, God of War II, khalo please please, amoo, please please
Jad, but I'm not into games
Them, we were told that you can do it for us, please please please khaloo, please please amoo
Jad, Ok, what's the name of that level? but I cannot do it now, you have to wait because I got to finish some work, maybe in 30 minutes.

Them, Khaloo it's The Palace Of The Fates please khalo please...

Jad, Neyahaha so I google the name adding cheats but did not work so I googled again with walk through and yuppieeeee I got some walk through, read it quickly and ehem, prepared myself for the battle.

Jad, Ok, I'm ready, load the level up At that moment I though I'd be able to help and they will be proud of me...

Jad, Started to jump from a platform to another but I'm not fit, I mean I'm not used to PS joystick


Jad, deep inside doesn't know what to do! I forgot what I read, I should have memorized it well before showing off, I kept jumping
until I reached the other side of the platform which supposed to be the palace and then I felt like melting down of blushing, the big fat monster is there with tens of minor monsters, darn, I'm doomed.

Them, Yallaaa Khaloo, Amoo, Khaloo

Jad, Whispering, Ok, I can remember some of the tricks but none of them says how to defeat this big fat creature nor how to look like a hero in front of your nephews and nieces ..... after being defeated for the third time, I said, Ok, I can't do it :(

Them, uh-huh! KHALO, we can defeat this monster but we want you to solve the next trick....

Jad, Whispering, Team work ha?
Jad, No no, it's ok you can keep playing I have some other things to do and I don't have much time.
Jad, went back to his room with no dignity after losing three souls.

I'm not going to play games again :(
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