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Road accident kills at least 23

What a news - By Hani Hazaimeh

AMMAN - At least 23 people were killed and 33 others were injured when a public transportation bus collided with a water tanker on the Amman-Jerash highway yesterday, police said.

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  1. I think these people are in a better place now, may allah yer7amhom

  2. Chikapappi
    Certainly they are but certainly it wasn't the best way to go there; although they didn't have a choice.

  3. May God have mercy on their souls and be with their families, and help the injured to a speedy recovery.

    This is very sad. It is very dangerous to drive in Jordan in wet conditions, so people please be extra safe and careful when you drive.

    enna lellah wa enna elaihi raje3oon. Allah yer7amhom.

  4. Oh, what tragic news to read this morning. What a terrible way to die.May God comfort their families.

    And may their deaths be a reminder to drivers whose priority is getting there fast, and not safety.

  5. A Call for boycotting this company, as it aint the 1st case!

  6. I read about this yesterday 3njad it's terrible. I read theres a LOT of accidents that happen on that road. This year, I think 866 deaths? w0w! something needs to be done.
    Allah yr7amhom wo ykoon ma3 ahelhom.

  7. The bad thing is that the official still say: We have the best awareness programs,strict laws, it is the deriver's fault.

  8. Batoul & Firas
    That road is well known of such acciedents, I witnessed two major acciedents while in Yarmouk University.

    I do blame both, drivers and the Governorate of Jerash and Irbid, Govs for not putting enough signs to warn drivers of really really tough curves and drivers for being careless.

  9. Jad, I guess there are enough signs on that road!! esp on that part!!
    and there is one big red sign says "SLOW DOWN NOW" ... in Arabic & ENGLISH! And another one urging to use low gears ...

    Its the speed! the problem of all our accidents in Jordan, sha3eb mest3ajel

  10. Hey,

    I'm working on a website to promote awarness regarding road accidents, i need it to be more interactive, could you help me in some ideas!
    I wanna people feel motivated and participate, they're very very passive regarding important issues but when it comes to chat websites, they are there!!!


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