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Canon EOS 450D / Digital Rebel XSi

Just around two weeks of buying my XTi Canon unveiled its new entry-level dSLR that will replace Canon 450D / Digital Rebel XTi.

as usual, the best review can be found at only if I was somewhere else, I'd be able to return some bucks or even pay little to get the new release.

Key features include:

  • 12.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor

  • Canon’s EOS Integrated Cleaning System

  • 3.5 frames per second

  • 3-inch LCD with Live View shooting

  • 9-point wide-area AF system with f/2.8 cross-type centre point

  • Picture Style image processing parameters

  • DIGIC III image processor

  • Digital Photo Professional RAW processing software

  • Compact and Lightweight body

  • Fully compatible with all Canon EF and EF-S lenses

  • Fully compatible with all Canon EX-series Speedlites

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  1. The sad world of new gadgets!
    Don't worry, the minute a new camera is announced the price of the old one is slashed. So it'll still be painful

  2. i really need a camera
    mafi wa7ad bebi3 beta2sit

  3. I'm two models behind now :D

  4. /me in is in Love with the cam <3
    Not my next pay check, the one after I promise its for a cam lol. asides from being cheated out lol mabroukeh!

  5. You really should be more than a hobbyist to buy a dSLR camera.

    I wouldn't know how to use it even if I got one, I just got a Sony Cybershot DSC-H9. It's their top of the line none-dSLR. Since I'm a complete newbie to photography, it's automation is exactly what I need. I particularily like that it takes high resolution videos too. Luckily I managed to find an 8GB memory stick for it at Carrefour for a reasonable price. Besides with dSLR, you need 2big wads of cash. One for the Camera, and another for the lense.

  6. Qwaider
    Yeah, this is why I'm whining to have some International return policy.
    No, not that I know in Jordan, Maybe they should be some initiative like they did with computers. A Camera for every Citizen ;)
    Yala, Work it out.

    Hani Obaid
    I'm hobbyist as in not taking it as a career *yet*.
    I still have another point and shoot body, Canon S3 IS which is good to have especially for high quality videos.

  7. I'm two models behind now too.
    And the 450D is a sweet camera, but well you can always upgrade in the future :)

  8. Hey there peepz !
    I called most of the shops in Amman looking for the 450D but I cannot find it :( .. Ooh can u guys please tell me where it is available ?! Thaanx.

  9. yeah i know from where u can buy it in Jordan,,
    but i think u can have it cheaper from saudi arabia .

    I can provide u with the Phone numbers.


    it coast in jordan 750 J.D
    but in saudi arabia 600 J.D


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