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Just came back from Umniah's office, their offer is promising and I can tell that I'm considering their Umax offer seriously.

Their 2Mbs offer has a bandwidth cap of 10Giga and you can pop-up cap by 1GB, 3GB or 7GB the 7GB is around 14 JOD which is NOT a reasonable price but yet the best available, at least this option is available unlike most of land line based ADSL in Jordan.

I went their specifically to see their WiMax modem and I can assure you that you might have seen it before in star wars or some documentary about UFO, the device is identical to almost all flying saucer that we have seen on TV documentary shows or movies.

It's not annoyingly big as I though but yet it's not as small as the one that Zain has in Kuwait nor like the one that Qtel has; however, the Hijabi sales chick advised me not to buy the device as the new small, USB devices are coming soon (as in three months), as for Cos (Quality of Service) she was honest enough to say that you wont feel the difference now as their service is new and aint jammed yet but later when they make more customers you will feel it of course.

Now, I'm tempting to go now to get Umnia's Umax but I first have to google if I could buy that small slim device myself and use it instead of renting or buying their flying-saucer device.

Also, there has been lots of solid that Zain & Orange might launch same service by the next year; which should decrease the price dramatically unless they achieved a deal of price freezing just like the one they have with Land-line based ADSL.

What I forgot to take note of is the device name so I could google for smaller ones but I'm sure Qwaider can help in this case unless he lives in the country side of AMIRIKA with some cows :p

They have nice offer for the first thousand customer which includes a free mobile line with 500 umnia-umnia free minutes + a wireless router if you subscribe for a year and 50% of the wireless router if you subscribe for six months.

One last thing, If you didn't like the service, or if the coverage was below your satisfaction you can get a refund by filling a compliant form and you will get your money back within 14 working days (at least according to Hijabi sales chick).

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