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Influenza strikes again and other stuff.

Been almost all the day in bed for three days now because of periodically known time and well hijacker, Influenza.

I tried almost all advised herbals that supposed to heal or ease down the side effects but none worked out and this make me think of why flu has a season, I mean does that virus has a season to spread or is it out bodies that has seasons of ability to host the virus, Hareega please burn it out.

On the other news, Noam Chomsky talks about How Propaganda is made

Gutsy Gibbon is cool and it's stable from day one or actually a 30 days prior to release date which is awesome, developers did their best and now giving their best work under your disposal, don't get shy and upgrade to Gutsy.

Now I have Ubuntu Baseball Cap although I don't play Baseball and I don't even watch it but with Canonical Store it was possible for someone like me to have Ubuntu Baseball cap, although I have had bad experience with them but that pushes me to say American and Canadian rocks when it comes to retail business and they should teach British how to do such business, anyway I also got Ubuntu Stress Ball & Metal Key Fob.

Isn't it nice to play for charity ? if you think so check what Lalla Mira's has in her bag.

hatsoo, later.

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  1. Get well soon!
    And thanks for the link. :)

  2. They say no matter what medication you take you need three to five days to get rid of the flu.. Can't u take a flu shot to protect you during the whole season ??
    I hope you're feeling better..try chicken soup:)
    I've listened to a part of chomsky's propaganda interesting theory, and played a bit of the charity game!!will continue both tomorrow ..


  3. له له يا جاد ... ألف سلامة إنشاء الله.

    I used Truffen Plus and it worked wonders with me .... so you can give it a try if you want.

    P.S: Gutsy Gibbon is pretty good, except for the NetworkManager that is bugging me!!

  4. you will be well soon :D

  5. mom in Amman and got the flu too..seems that flu is everywhere...inshalla you will be well soon.

  6. hey hey.. how are you? I need your help...

    Blog about your favorite blogger day is October 27th, 2007
    Spread the word please.

  7. Lalla Mira
    Thank you :-)

    It took little bit more than five days, I believe it's healthier to have my yearly dose of influenza, guess it has something to do with one immunity system.

    Chicken soup ? got a recipe ?

    Man, your nickname bejawe3 :p I'm addicted to thyme by the way.

    What's up with the NM ?

    Thanks :-)

    Yeah, it's the seasons and there is another seasons which is usually harder; just two to four weeks after Eid Al-Adha.

    Rebellious Arab Girl
    Yeah sure.

  8. You're right, those flu shots do more harm than good..
    Glad to see you up and around the blogs,it seems you have recovered well :)
    Allah la y2ader and you get sick again, just say the word and I will send the best chicken soup recipe ever..You know how to use a pressure cooker,right??
    yalla,7amdella 3ala salamtak :)


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