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Driving in Jordan

A question to be asked to those who walk in the street especially those who walks in group of three or four and they decide to walk in the middle of the street, DO YOU HAVE FUCKING TIRES ?

If so then the Central Traffic Directorate have to implement a new numbering system for those people, something like sticking a thick-headed-man number plat.

Driving in Jordan is so stressing, it's not surprising to see some teenagers doing some semi-drift around one of our 8th circles while the traffic officer smoking instead of stopping them, I wonder if he's getting paid to relax and smoke or to control traffic, stopping idiots and fining them.

I have my car for less than a month and it's my first driving experience and I can confirm it's so stressing to drive in Amman, speeding in the right-lane seems to be acceptable, crossing the road at the entrance or the exist of the tunnel seems to be a habit, ignoring the traffic light in Al-Bayader makes sense.

Driving in Wadi Saqra HIGHWAY is a battle and it's matter of life and death, a matter of fighting with public buses not for anything but to avoid getting killed.

We definitely need a new traffic regulations, something like You can hit anyone crossing the road at the entrance or the exist of any tunnel ESPECIALLY that we have BIG WARNING SIGN and we are almost begging people not to cross from there but they still do that, so please take it as a responsibility of controlling Jordan's population by killing anyone cross from there

Finally, Jordanian defines the Nanosecond as the time between the green light of traffic light and hearing the loads of laud horns.

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  1. Dear Jad,


    had eshi 6abee3i sadeeqi, u r driving in the wrong streets bro, go for 1 or 2 weeks and drive in We7dat and el-qweesmi, jabal 7oseen, wo a5eeran.. was6 el balad.. now.. while u r driving there.. try to be best than them.. forget the driving rules .. drive as u want.. la te36i awlaweya.. sha7i66. 5abisss.. then.. after 2 weeks.. u'll be able to drive any where in the world.. TRUST ME! hehehe
    es2al mjarib..
    take care dude while driving.. but trust me.. forget the driving rules in this country! hehehe..and buy a Jaraffa wo soooggg!!

  2. i find peopel while driving or on the roads the rudest, im fed up with parking whereever they want walking on the street instead of the wide side walk next to them and just being notjing but rude all the time, rude rude rude

  3. Jad,
    If we had pedestrian corssings, and pedestrian bridges everywhere they are needed. It wouldn't be a problem.

    At the very least we should replace all the circles with traffic lights.

    Although even where there is a pedestrain bridge, you see people crossing on the street, if there is a fence, they climb it !

    The drivers don't do much better, how many drivers stop at the pedestrian crossing to let someone cross ?

    Its not about more rules, its about lack of respect for others and for order in general, and plain lack of common sense.

  4. I was completely blown away by drivers in Amman as well. Taxi drivers annoy me the most (in every country). One of them asked me for 7 JD to take me from the 2nd (or 3rd) circle to Jbeeha!!

    I rode with one of them once who if he found a 5cm opening to the right of a car infront of him, he would pass it .... and that was on the leftmost lane !!!

    YES ... drivers (specially taxi drivers) in Jordan are unbelievable.

  5. I'm simply not gonna comment on this topic because i have over a million things to say! Simply put, it's crazy!

  6. Lsn, smoking and acting like a fucker is a religion in Jordan, ppl here are absolutely retarded and living here is like hell that u have to put up with. If for example you're not a smoker then ppl here hate u for it, bastards!

    Ppl here don't care about right and wrong they have this idealistic notion that you can do anything if you don't get caught and they don't care about consequences and that's especially true for driving. They don't seem to understand that driving in Jordan is NOT driving in America, the roads in Jordan are narrow so why are u speeding? There aren't many parking lots so ppl have to park on the side of even busy roads cuz they're too lazy to walk and when they walk they need a cigarette cuz ppl here are such panzies and have weak lungs and weak nerves.

    The worst part it ppl here don't pay attention when they drive they believe that they have priority over everyone else and drive carelessly.

  7. Ry0ga two thumbs up " pansies" lmao .... so so true, im takin classes nd i realize that im the only person following the rules... its sad at times


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