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It's hard to wake up early for vast majority of people and we even hate it since the kindergarten, I hate it too but I can wake up whenever I want and I can give lies to my friends like Mazz and say Of course I can program myself to wakeup early, I can even sleep at 5:00 AM and wake up at 6:00AM sharp without an alarm clock.

Of course I can do that, of course I wasn't lying nor a bullshitter, in fact I can wake up whenever I want (anyone counting wake up here?), Mazen come on my friend.

I have been begging Mazen to wake up early to do some *HIGHLY CLASSIFIED* and secret work but he's failing me because he wont wake up early and by early in Mazen's case we are talking about anything before 3:00 PM :-) go figure.

The coincident is that I just called Bakez because he left me a message yesterday yelling about his blog database being down and the conversation was like

Jad: Bakkouz, Are you awake?
Bakkouz: sorta, what time is it ?
Jad: 7:30, oh no it's 7:45
Bakkouz: Ok, I say fuck it

Bakkouz, you are mature enough to wake up early, you are getting paid to wake up early and move your ass to work and being in Aqaba isn't an excuse although it is different.

Ok, The secret recipe to wake up whenever you want is either to follow which wont work at all or to get a Thomson RT552 radio which has an alarm that can be programmed to wake up even if you hate it, just put it to a channel that you hate to listen to at least while booting up (I use play 99.6 Or 104.2 for that purpose).

Anyway, enough talking about Lazy Mazen and Bakkouz.

I'm heading now to duty free to get my new car, it's KIA Sephia 2001, 1800 cc :D Manual gear (sefia :P), wish me the best today which is in best chances not to have my body split into 100 piece in my way back.

On the other side of news

  1. Lee McGrath: asking why men would put a cucumber on their face?

  2. I don't know
  3. Tadata sucks: They cannot manage to run a reliable DNS server, I'll break up with them and go back to lovely Orange.

  4. Omar Al-Zo'bi is calm. 2h ago

  5. Calm and cold? (a77777)
  6. Erin Berg is busy like a bee and drinking like a fish.

  7. Fatoom Qoughandoqa is makleh hawa, mareeda :(.

  8. Salamtek
  9. Lina Ejeilat is up late... very unusually!

  11. Farah Ghaith is why did the dentist ask me "ay saff enti?" je ne suis pas très petite :(.

  12. Nothing personal :p
  13. Ahmad Humeid is is back in Amman. Back to reality.

  14. Welcome back
  15. Dave is ...spacing out.

  16. be careful.

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