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How to cook a political decision

Since some bloggers like Kinzi, Oula and others decided to blog about cooking instead of politics and current events I decided to do the same.

Today's meal is Political decision

  1. A problem

  2. or why would we bother?
  3. Information from a trusted source

  4. make sure to get your information from a highly trusted and specialized source else you will end up poisoning people just like when Shawerma's places decided to use untrusted sauce.
  5. A Ranking system

  6. You need to a ranking system to prioritize your goals and list your alternative accordingly
  7. Options list

  8. You have to have a list of available options usually provided by the trusted source and by options we mean options to tweak same decisions.
  9. Archiving of previous decisions

  10. It's always good to have access to archived decisions in same and/or similar topics especially if you are new to kitchen.
  11. A desire to make a difference

  12. If you are not willing to get your hands dirty or not willing to receive some bad reviews from people on the table then please do not go to kitchen, you will just mess things up, a decision making dish can be done by anyone but it's delicious only if it's made by people with desire.
  13. Emotional package

  14. Pack your emotions and send it to Zimbabwe, even if you need it you should not use it
  15. A place to hide

  16. if case the reaction was so harsh you have to find a place to hide, don't forget DVD player and a set of pirated DVDs, it might be a long stay.
  17. Consulting team

  18. I know you are smart enough else you wouldn't having your position but be smarter and have a consulting team around you. Please avoid taxi drivers and reconsider bloggers.

compute your decision on 20C, put your alternatives in the oven until the neighbours calls you Sorry but we smell something going on, can we help ?, add a boiled effectiveness to the water, liquid expectation, solid hope.

Wait and hope for the best.

Enjoy it.


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