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To LASIK or not to LASIK

Ok, it's no secret that I've been planning to do it and just one week ago I started to talk with some doctors about it and now I'm in doubt and I'm not sure if I should go for it or not

First it's hard to find a surgeon who can gain your trust because whenever you start talking about LAZIK to your doctor, the conversation will turn to a typical salesman/consumer conversation.

And most of doctors I met so far didn't like my long list of questions about LAZIK and about their experience with LAZIK; and they will get annoyed especially with a question like Excuse me doctor but you're wearing glasses, why not LAZIK yourself?

Nevertheless, I can put my trust on Jordanian doctors easily but I hate them when they wear the salesman hat.

On the other hand, each and everyone of them has his own theory on LAZIK procedure, some insist that it is the doctor experience that make things happen and some are kinda humble of facing the fact that it is the device and how new and tested it is rather than the doctor.

Maybe it's not to LAZIK or not to LAZIK but to find a surgeon who can gain your trust.

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  1. I met Dr. Zeedan Bayrooti the other day because my mom had an operation in her eye in his hospital, he seems like a nice guy who you can talk to and discuss things that worry you. ..although he will be interrupting each and every one of your sentences with lyrics from a song but still, you get to collect all the information you need from him.

  2. Ya zalameh hurry up, It is August now, the sale time, You can get Two eyes Lasik for the price of one:)
    Seriously, they gave my friend this offer last year, truly salesmen, or butchers.

  3. to lazik or not, depends if u want it or not, if u do and the only prob is the doctor, then i have the answer, go to doctor iyad (.... ok i forgot his lastname but if u want ill check) he is markaz il 3arabi lil 3oyoun drive from 7th circle towards 8th circle n go strait (sho isemha il mante2a? il bayader ??) anyway when u go strait u will find the clinic on ur right the sign in blue
    ok this doc is not a salesman, if lazik is not recommended 4 u he'll say so, he will do the surgery most probably in ibn al haitham hospital, follow his sirections towards the operation and it will go great,
    let me know in case u make up ur mind if u need any info :)

  4. follow his instructions* sorry for the spelling mistakes

  5. Just do it man, I did it, and I ran through the same thing, but then I decided to risk it and I also checked the matter with friends and they said they feel great

    success percentage is 98% (as doctors claim)

  6. Definitely go with a Doctor who is recommended, has done a large number of them. I heard the eyes get quite dry, though, stay hydrated!

  7. LAZIK is relatively a new thing. So its side effects have not been discovered yet BY THE PEOPLE!

    Anyways, the American ARmy has been offering its troops (specially jet fighters) Lazik operations. It actually does improve your vision, actually you'll be able to see further than most people.

    Talk to people who did the operation a while ago.

    Good luck, o ma takol Shawerma Allah Yertha 3aleek wala teshrab may

  8. I had my LASIK last year, and I found the process of preparing for the surgery and choosing a doctor to be daunting. In the end, I'd recommend that learn more about the risks of LASIK. By knowing the risks, I was able to tell which doctors were truly providing me with a patient consultation - and which ones were just treating me as a customer. If the doctor does not adequately discuss the risks, I would avoid that LASIK doctor!

    The FDA's site has a great page on LASIK risks. It's also good to know what to expect before LASIK.

    Good luck with your search!

  9. Salam,
    Salamet-ha el 7ajeh om salam and yes I'd love it if you could sms with his clinic #.

    dude, it's not sale time at all heh :D my operation will cost around 1050 JOD, it's ultra LAZIK with custom xyz I don't know what heh

    If I recall correctly I talked to doctor Iyad or at least he was on the list.

    I'll definitly do it, it's just matter of whom should I let touch my eyes.

    yeah, two doctors said that I'll have to use the artificial tears for two months after the surgery.

    It's not new thing, we are in 20th century dude and 15 years old technology is enough especially because it is a technology but I agree people aren't educated enough about it, maybe people should start doing LAZIK instead of wearing glasses and only then we'll live in a glasses free society!!! WE WILL TRIUMPH :p

    DW Smith,
    I totally agree with you but sometimes good doctors are very silent; last year I had a should relocation surgery, my doctor was the best in town but said nothing other than Jad, you got to make it, you got to stop waking me up to relocate it at emergency room! he's funny but yet professional.
    Thank you for the links dude :-)

    Thank you all and I'll keep you updated with my decision.

  10. I highly recommend Dr. Khaleed Al-Shareef. He did my lasik operation about 4 years ago, and let me tell you if he can fix me up, he can fix anything. I had combined astigmitism and short site (14 degrees) all together. I haven't worn glasses since. No issues at all other than a lens flare effect when looking at lights at night which becomes hardly noticeable after a month, and completely gone within 6 month. He's probably the top Lasik guy in amman.


    Let me put it this way in Canada, the best Lasik surgeons in Montreal and Toronto refused to do my operation saying they're too worried about complicaitons, and that my cornea is too thin. Khaled shareef did it without hesitation, and I'm grateful.

    Btw, the operation itself is simple, and even an optometrist could do it (although that's not legal), the reason you need a good doctor is if complicaitons occur, they'll be able to take care of them.

    Just make sure you don't touch your eyes after the operations particularily first 2 days no matter how much they itch, and get the drops he tells you to get.

  11. Firas, actually PRK has been around for more than 20 years, and its safer to do it in Amman or canada than in the US since American doctors have less experience performing it aas US FDA only approved it in mid 90s.

    Lasik is just an enhancement of PRK that allows you to recover from the operation faster but essentially its the same principle.

  12. Hani,
    you wont believe this! I have appointment with Dr Khalid in about two hours :D and yeah I've heard lots about him and I'm so eager for today's appointment.

  13. yes khalid el-shareef is the best to find in this feild, i did mine by him 8 years ago when the lasik thing was still new in jordan

  14. Just came back from Dr Khaled Clinic and after many tests they found that my cornea is very thin and I will need special treatment *in case the doctor approved me as a candidate for INTRA LAZIK*

    They're so professional but they need to get organized.

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