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Security VS Privacy

Would you hate it if you knew that someone listening to your phone calls in the name of national security and war against terror ? do you think that they have time to listen to your girl friend flirting to you ?

I'm all with free software and open sourcing every single bit of software on this living earth and make it free too; but yet this doesn't mean I will say that every single closed source application is evil nor be aware of X or Y closed source application unless I have a point that I can prove.

I do not mind my calls to be monitored as long as they do it under the name of security, I don't want them to say Only if we were monitoring those bloody VOIP calls that shit wouldn't happen if it's for security then please go ahead, I don't mind it, break my privacy please.

on the contrary I can't really understand why they're assuming that terrorists would coordinate their operations through Skype ? how about normal cell phones which is harder to trace especially when anyone can buy it with a fake ID?

I do love Ekiga and I respect Open Wengo but the matter fact I have single contact in my Ekiga account and never been able to register with Open Wengo.

On the other hand Gizmo has a competent voice quality and pricing and actually I do use it more than Skype for calling land and cell phones especially because it Gizmo is actually smoother than Skype on Nokia N800.

Skype is the most popular Internet telephony application with the largest network compared to Gizmo and Wengo and the cheapest one too and I can't see any reason why one should stop using it especially when there is no better or same quality and pricing alternative to it and by the way you don't use Skype just for internet telephony but text messaging too and I'd say (Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ) IM era has gone and I chat with almost all of my friends using Skype IM.

Maybe I should make it clear that I'm not defending Skype here as much as defending a good application, network and telephony pricing and be sure I'd do the funky chicken dance and upload it to youtube if we got a better open source alternative to Skype.

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  1. hey jad...
    i was googling to find the offical virus list for the linux... and thanks for helping me to find...
    i ADMIT that the free desktops.. more powerfull than windows...
    and yes im moving to linux....

  2. That was hilarious dude! awesome is just the word! why dont u post this at they'll jus love it.


  3. Quite similar:

    I remembered this immediately when I read your blog entry.


  4. do you think anyone cares? go ahead, leave. no one EVER held a gun to anyone's head forcing them to use Microsoft ANYTHING.

    Monopololy you say!? Ha! I think many people need an education because if you all think that Microsoft has a monopoly and, say, a particular cable TV operator doesnt or some phone company doest - then you're in need of more medication. I dont recall people telling me that I MUST buy Microsoft anything when I walk into the software store but I MUST use "this" cable company and "that" phone company if I want those services because the "other" competitors are not "allowed" in my area. Monopoly?? No. More like MARKET SHARE. Dont confuse the two.

    So, go ahead leave. Do whatever lefty-liberal-activist thing you want to do but -- please, just promise ALL OF US this much...

    STOP THE WHINING ALREADY! The world is sick of it.

  5. An imbecile wrote:

    "Monopololy you say!? Ha! I think many people need an education because if you all think that Microsoft has a monopoly and, say, a particular cable TV operator doesnt or some phone company doest - then you're in need of more medication."

    Have you ever thought about what you are typing as you're typing it? There is actually no point to what you've written there!

    "I dont recall people telling me that I MUST buy Microsoft anything"

    Nobody said that!

    "Monopoly?? No. More like MARKET SHARE. Dont confuse the two."

    Ok, so here is a little bit of "education" for you:

    monopoly - Of, relating to, or being a market in which there is a single seller of a particular good or service.

    Sound familiar? How many shops can you go into and buy a machine with Linux pre-installed? That - my friend - is called a monopoly.

    "So, go ahead leave. Do whatever lefty-liberal-activist thing you want to do but -- please, just promise ALL OF US this much..."

    So you have to be a lefty-liberal-activist to realist that you're being sold an inferior product by a company that has the monopoly on operating systems

    "STOP THE WHINING ALREADY! The world is sick of it."

    You might be, but then again you've already proved your intelect with that rediculous outburst!

  6. This post has been removed by the author.

  7. I was wondering, why did you copy the previously linked article and just added some Ubunto to it? Did you have a special reason?

    (By the way, I'm not the Anonymus one in the posts above)

  8. Hi Roeland.
    Well its modified version of
    Break up letter to IE

    Which is originally as mentioned from

    why did you copy the previously linked article and just added some Ubunto to it? Did you have a special reason?

    Yes, I have a very special reason.
    In the past 6 months I was trying to stop using Windows for to many reasons and mostly an ideological reasons not only technology reasons

    And had windows XP and Novell Linux Desktop (NLD) installed on my computer, NLD was great, but not enough to get rid of Windows, for to many reasons I had to boot to XP, not because there is no alternative, but because NLD is doesn't have a good online package installer, so I had to download half of the Internet in order to get dependency tree for X or Y applications.

    and I had some big troubles which can be Undone when I updated my system using Red-Carpet.

    Now with Ubuntu its not just because it have apt-get, but its really much faster , stable Desktop

    Now why a break up letter for IE and Microsoft?
    1) Ideology wise: after reading about Free Software Foundation.
    1.2) Free as in Freedom for stallman was just great reading.
    2) Money wise: I cannot cover the license cost and I don't want to pirate. ( I have 3 computers at home)
    3) Community wise: Linux have damn great biggy one (man people are willing to help you for free, JUST ask)
    4) Time wise: I cannot offer 1 hour reinstalling windows because of unknown reason, and I cant keep waiting for patch's and localisations.
    4.1) I can fix it without a wizard just tell me how, if there is no wizard in windows you can fix nothing.

    that was for today, but be sure there is more and more reasons but I just woke up.

  9. Okay, now I understand. Well you know, when I read this blog entry, I remembered reading something very similar. I searched the web and found:

    It is dated November 16, 2004 (one day after your blog entry), 'by Robert Vamosi'. Are you Robert Vamosi or am I missing something here?


  10. The question is about the link in my comment. Have you clicked it? Really can't find an answer in your reply. I /know/ you have two entries in /this/ blog, my only question is just if you are the same person that is mentioned in the link I provide in my comment...

  11. Hi Jad,

    I really liked the article.. the first time i read it at It's really not okay to be copying other people's stuff. That's probably why the previous poster inquired about your true identity.

    If you're 'Robert Vamosi' then everything is OK. If you're not.. well, plagiarism isn't to be taken lightly.

    Yours truly,


  12. Last I checked, evolution rendered thumbnails right there in the file manager, too. - Jon (

  13. Jad’s thoughts » Jad’s thoughts - Look Back 2004January 11, 2006 at 8:02 PM

    [...] linux break up letter to microsoft [...]

  14. The problem with Skype isn't that it's closed source per se; it's that the network it uses to communicate is closed. So, as far as I'm aware, you have to use Skype's software (on one of the operating systems they choose to make it for), or you can't communicate with people using Skype.

    Contrast this with SIP and H.323 (and Jabber), which can be freely implemented by anyone, and so allow communication between any number of different platforms.

  15. [...] Security VS Privacy - Don’t Say Geek! Say Syntux! - Your freedom is worth more than you think. Tak... Counter-weight to the Free Software Magazine article - not particularly well articulated, but the general argument seems to be “Skype’s got more users, and I have no reason not to trust them, especially since the alternatives are nothing to call home abou (tags: skype openwengo criticism) [...]


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