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It's LASEK with an E!

Okie Doctor Khaled Al-Sharef said I have thin cornea 550 microns and this means LASIK nor INTRA LASIK would work with me and I'd need custom LASEK (Yes, with an E)

Now I'm not sure if I want to go for it or not especially with the estimated healing period which might exceed 15 days or maybe I should wait until technology comes up with something better and smoother than corneas sculpturing or perhaps something wont eat 200 microns of my cornea which might jeopardize my cornea integrity.

anyway, I don't think I'm going to make it at least not the next two years and you know what, I'm used to my glasses now, no more LASE/IK for Jad.

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  1. Good choice, custom Lasek sounds scary, like he's gonna write a Thesis on your case after he's done.

    Some companies are working on corneal artificial implants, that's supposed to be the next big technology.

    There are real donor implants but relaly only blind people would want to take that risk.

    The annoying part about wearing glasses:
    1 Getitng out of the shower
    2 Waking up and fumbling for your glasses (or worse not finding them)
    3 Rainy days when they would get wet or clouded
    4. Playing sports like Tennis and basketball and getting a direct hit, then hearing the lens fly out and hit the floor, and get stepped on !
    5. Getting a strange mark on your nose.

    Anyway, compared to trying an uncertain procedure I think you made the right decision.

  2. I would take the same decision.
    yalla, ma elak naseeb :) o enshallah they will come up with a new technology soon.

  3. dont worry yakhoy u look nice this way! taking off the glasses will no make you more handsome and will not get a better girlfriend/wife... relax!

  4. sorry for writing Arabic in English fonts, I forgot that it is prohibited here.

  5. I want to add -Swimming without glasses- to Hani's list up there.

  6. I had LASEK last month. I was driving and back to work in less than a week. My vision still is not crystal clear, that can take about 6 weeks, but I still think it was a great choice. BTW, I am a software consultant. Best of luck on your decision


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