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"Controversial" fodder policy to be reviewed

Jordanian Government personnel are expert in causing disagreement on anything whenever they come with a new decision even if it's good decision.

Couple of days ago the government decided to cut all subsidies on livestock feed which apparently cause some riots in south of Amman and in Al-Mafraq city especially because both are the land of small herds owners.

Govt used to give aids for all level of herds owner even those who classify as businessmen or investors which isn't fair at all because they can just export it and then they will be exporting a product that was sponsored by the Jordanian government and making money out of that without sharing it with anyone back.

That's exactly what happened in last Eid Adha when those wealthy businessmen exported their herds to Gulf countries and because of that we enjoyed the Chinese sheep during Adha while someone enjoying ours sponsored by our government and paid from our own pockets.

Maybe disallowing them to export it would cause more riots because people have the right to make money but not with government subsidies especially when it comes directly from your pocket as a tax.

Government will be supporting those small farms owners instead of supporting all even the wealthy ones which is good for us as we will not feel fooled again by those investors nor we will have to get some Chines meat during Adha.

Now the government going to review the fodder policy but I'm not sure if it needs revision as much as making it clear that they aren't attacking Mansaf but protecting our pockets or at last I like to think so.

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  1. ÿ¨ÿßÿØ
    يعني الحكومة لما رفعت الدعم عن العلف و صار الطن من 90 - 258دينار
    و بهاد الوقت قبل رمضان ! وقت مزبوط

    وغير هيك عملو تسيهلات لإستيراد العلف و العلف البديل , يعني رح يخلو الموضوع بإيدين التجار مشان يطلعو منها , يلي بكرا بصيرو يسترخصو و بنزل علف مسمم و لا ابصر شو و شجعو على استيراد بديل العلف , صويا و ذرة و خلطات مسمنة

    و بعدين بدهم يعطي اصحاب المواشي تقريبا على حسبت صاحبان من قرش - 4 قروش باليوم على الراس حسب العدد يلي عنده

    و بالإردن كل مربوط ببعضه يعني
    البيض رح يرتفع
    و الزيت , اصلا ارتفع و خلص

    وللحم رح يترفع كمان

    و مشان ما يسمعو حكي اكتير , سمحو بإستيراد المواشي الحية من سوريا مشان يلحقو قبل الأضحى يلي ازن انه السنه رح يكون اغلي من يلي قبلها

  2. Qabbani,
    Right the timing wasn't good at all but it wasn't good because of the greedy business men NOT because the timing itself.
    Think about it dude the government covered subsidies from June to Aug which means they should sell it with the aided price NOT the coming price because of this change.

    Also the government is responsible for balancing and protecting meat prices after this cut and again if we are talking about the decision itself it was the right thing to do, I personally hate it when I see Govt aiding a project and then watch it being export it to a rich country like any gulf based country.

  3. This is not difficult to solve. Tax livestock that is exported to the amount that the government subsidized each head. This way the money will not be used to subsidize consumers in the Gulf.

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  5. [...] the town lately, as promises of an energy independent Jordan are said to be met by 2030. Khalaf and Jad look at the government’s move to cut back its subsidies on livestock feed that led to mass [...]


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