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Ya Allah! Hula Hoops

Ok, it's not a secret that I decided to use public buses instead of taxis and white taxis especially in my daily home-office office-home, at first I decided to do that just to avoid car accident that would happen daily in Wadi Saqra exactly on the U-turn near Radisson sas, I thought the damage is coming and it's much safer to be in bus than car and that would minimize the damage in way or another but what I didn't realize that bus drivers do their best to make your life harder especially when taking and getting off, they just never fully stop for you to get in or off and you have to do the Hula hoops jump!

Ya Allah! Hula Hoops
don't nag about the quality it was taken with 12x zoom although it's optical.

Ok, I don't mind doing it, it's actually fun to do it but it's totally crazy to do it when the bus taking the left lan and open the door for you at 40km speed, that would maximize the damage at best case for your laptop.

Three years ago when we start to see Hammer cars more often in Amman I was thinking why would someone need a Hammer in Amman ? but now it's very reasonable and rational to get a Hammer if you can afford it or maybe one should take special training with U.S marines to fight in Ammanie streets or maybe quit driving.

On the other hand, any idea why they stopped e-tickets for public transportation ? it's much easier to have a card instead of googling family purses and wallets for a change before heading to office.

I'm googling for a car now to avoid this daily hassle and to move into next level of hassle, if you think you can help (I'm not into it at all) please drop me an email.

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  1. Nice post man... I can really understand what you are talking about, before I got my own car -thank god-... public buses drivers can easily qualify to any Sports Rally event... but small coaster buses like "Wadi Ser" or "kolleyet 7e66en" they may not only qualify but easily be the champions of World Formula 1 Championship.
    If I know about a good car I will e-mail you.


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  3. Jad, thank you for a REAL post!!! And another look at me they seem to stop forEVER letting folks on and off.

    Hey, I'll pray about a car for you. I prayed for 18 months (I think you saw my 20 year old clunker) and I got the one I wanted.:)


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