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Shopping for new laptop

Been doing research on brands and models for a week now and I decided to stick with Toshiba their build quality makes them superior, now the thing is what's up with PC stores in Jordan ?

Yesterday SMS The sole distributer and authorized service center of Toshiba in Jordan had one page advertisement of their laptops, prices and specs
Ok, let me make it short for you, not all of the mentioned models are available in the listed authorized resellers and the ones available are different either in price or specs, the only one to met their offer and specs had 1 year warranty instead of THREE as advertised HELL! and that one was in Carrefour in their show desks and have been touched by almost every Jordanian visited Carrefour so I'm not buying it and it was the last one.

So I decided to head to PC Zone, so it's Mecca-Mall Branch, first the security didn't let me in because I'm male only creature so I had to call a friend and borrow her :D fortunately she was in Mecca-Mall, Thanks for the hand buddy.

So it was like
Jad: Hello, I'm interested in your Toshiba Tecra offer, saw it today morning in Al-Waseet
PC Zone guy: Oh, Sorry but we don't advertise on Al-Waseet we do have our own weekly newspaper
Jad: Ohh but your name was mentioned as authorized reseller?
PC Zone guy: Yes, but we are not committed to that offer, we are only committed to what we advertise.
Jad: Ok, nevertheless, do you have any Tecras ?
PC Zone guy: Why do you want Tecra? why not Satellite or even Acer, we have good offers on Acer
Jad: I have Tecra S2 and I know about its build quality VS Satellite build quality, so do you have Tecra?
PC Zone guy: No, but maybe within a month
Jad: Ok, lemme check what you have anyway (da na na da na na na dada da )
Jad: Ok, I think I'll stick to Tecra, Thank you anyway.
PC Zone guy: If you have a model in mind we can order it for you from the states sir.
Jad: is it going to be cheaper?
PC Zone guy: No
Jad: Ohh Why would I order something from the states when we have it in Jordan and when we actually have a Sole distributer and Authorized service center in Amman?
PC Zone guy: heh, true
Jad: whispering to himself (ugh ugh ugh)
Jad: Thank you anyway, bye

So what the hell is going on? why making it such difficult task to buy a new laptop? isn't enough we are paying at least 30% more than internet/States prices?

And the funny is I'm tried to call them today but they never picked up the phone or they don't work on Saturday because *maybe* they don't see the need to sell laptops or provide support in weekends as Jordanians are busy during their weekends and they will not go shopping and they have plenty of free time during the week.

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  1. i went there to buy one,and i am getting it from their store in aqaba (tawfeer il tax) and i heard that they will have better offers next i am waiting..i think toshiba is a good choice(fee wa7ad b 620 jd) there is also lenovo in aqaba and you can buy by instalments..10 daf3at let bakkouz handle the payments :D..

  2. An advice:

    Buying a laptop from US has several advantages.

    1. You don't have to meet the most idiotic salespersons in the world (Your situations happen in Egypt too)

    2. You usually have the ability to "collect" your specs, or make a new laptop. With specifying what specifications you want for every component, even if the product is not available as an available form.

    3. You get your laptop in a fixed time through DHL for example, TOSHIBA abroad will care about their reputation more than their resellers in Arab Countries.

    But before ordering from US, know if the warranty is applicable in Jordan or not, because when I bought mine from the UAE, I found it not applicable in Egypt.

  3. Its good u didnt go into the details of whats the difference between the Tecra & the satellite!!!

    One time on of "those" tried to convince me that Core Duo processor is better than the Core 2 Duo thats why it is more expensive. Another time they advertised a T5600 processor with 4MB cache!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats for the laptop, salafan :)

  4. a piece of advice (although i know you didn't ask for it) : get an apple , it's so much better , it's hardware and OS are the best , and trust me on this , I've used all brands and apple is the best

  5. Malage6,
    I was thinking to do the same but they don't have Tecra in their Aqaba store and you know it's like 50% you will be stopped when leaving Aqaba :D

    IRC President,
    I agree with every single word you said but the thing is that I needed the laptop in 48 hours and *bought it now* so I can't wait to get it from the states.

    Subzero Japan,
    I didn't because I knew he wouldn't know what I'm talking about, it's really shame to see one of the biggest PC stores in Jordan having salesmen without a basic understanding of what they're selling.

    Apple is good but I can't live with Apple and I actually can't afford a MacBook however, I prefer to use Linux than Mac and Windows and as for hardware, I've seen many comparisons between MacPro and Toshiba, same specs and Toshiba won in performance and apple took design and weight only.

  6. No dont use apple. In the old days apple used to have its unique processors and thats what made it powerful. Now it uses the usual general purpose INTEL processors, and you can also -with some modifications by software- install windows on them. So no, by a normal PC and install the MAC OS on it to get the perfect combination...


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  8. Subzero,
    Can't agree anymore however I don't like the OS, so crowded and people say it's useable ? dunno but seems I can't break it out with Linux.


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