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Who is your one and only?

Butterflies in your stomach when you catch sight of that special someone? Is it an never ending love story ? Will it work out or will it be just another futile attempt? Before you pop the all important "I love you", use our Crush Calculator to find out if he or she is The One!

try it here, it's amazing and tricky application


  1. Why do they need three names? I only have one finance :D

  2. Diana,
    I have no idea, sounds like they have their own algorithm

  3. yes they do, and btw of course I meant fiancée not finance, I should concentrate more while typing.

  4. Oh my.. I was big time fooled :)

    good one..

  5. who is you three and only is a better definition of the test don't you think?

  6. Ha !

    "Information Collected by
    When you use the Secret-loves Calculator, everything typed at the web form will be transmitted to the owner of the link. If you do not agree to this, please do not fill in anything."

  7. so..did you get all the results? who is JAD in love with? ;)

    hahahahahahaahha.....evil mala2e6..I could have done worse..since i knew from the beginning it was a prank

  8. jad

    ya3ni ma 2oltelna sho tele3 ma3ak nata2ej

    share ya jad share :D

  9. Hala,
    HAHAHAisssss, yes it is tricky

    I'm sharing results soon.


    You are paying too much attention 7ajeh, slow down slow down! but yes I agree


    Smart people should know whom I'm in love with, I've mentioned it at least ten times in this blog.

    I'll share the result but people still submitting the form so I'll have to wait for more time

  10. I had my suspicions, so if you get one from Tom Cruise, that would be me. :)

  11. Heeeey! we agreed on bribing you!

  12. 3anjad i miss your blog, i really dont know why it dosent show on my google/reader when you post something new...
    and this one is really good...damn!!! lol

  13. I'm such a sucker! I can't wait to send this to all my unsuspecting friends. Thank goodness there is no way for you to know these boys!

  14. sorry man, i didn't mean to.. I was just excited at the moment I found out, my hunch was confirmed in the fine print.

    Fun stuff.. i might try it sometime :P

  15. i want to see and hear " iam a barbei girl " for aqua ??????????????
    plz somebody put it in this site i want it



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