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Some people feels the need to rant but today I feel the need to ROAR!

Last week was really crazy, it was like if someone testing me and testing my patience level checking if I'm going to lose it or not, the story started with my tea cup , while reading some blogs it dropped off and in seconds it ruined my laptop table all papers which includes many important invoice and letters were lost the only survivor were my passport which is good, the incident was weird by itself, I didn't touch the cup, I didn't drop it I don't know how it happens, also it was like Tsunami of tea on my table ruining my papers and threatening my laptop!

Nevertheless, in seconds I my laptop and all of connected cables and devices were on my bed, I was moving my arms like if I'm chest swimming in The world champion, moving laptop, cables, devices, papers, trying to save anything without thinking about priorities, all files and devices were treating equally unlike most of Arab citizens, hence I was saving them!.

Story didn't end there, the interesting thing after finding my capability's of acting fast REAL FAST I had good feeling so I decided to clean up my room and you really don't want to know what I found while cleaning up but I can give you a hence, what I found was enough to keep Amman multiplicity busy for a week.

Anyway, my room is clean now (for the first time in the last decade) you can smell the cleanness of it but ahh I forgot to clean the floor, anyway that doesn't matter :D

anyway, forgot about that incident as I was able to save my important stuff and as the tea tsunami was able to ruin some of them, that doesn't matter.

The second one is kinda funny, yes, whenever I remember it I laugh. Story started , ended and ended my mobile phone life on dinner table,
While we were having dinner the power suddenly went down but that doesn't matter and will never stop us! Immediately I turned on my mobile light and my brother did the same but I was smart enough to put it in an empty tea cup to use the reflection in generating more light! and it worked.

Back to dinner, all of us are chest swimmers now, arms moving fast, biting every single bit of the many delicious dishes we had that day, suddenly someone decided to pour the tea and ohh shit! we lost the light reflection, ohh well that doesn't matter NO! IT DOES I LOST MY MOBILE!

My mobile now sitting at Sony Ericsson Intensive Care Unit, please pray for my mobile to get it back.

In the other news, I would like to share my favorite song with you [ Zaina el helweh zaina ]

UPDATETeleLink customer care just called me telling me that saving my mobile would cost me 60JOD as running cost of the operation room, vasectomy doctor and anaesthetize specialist are high, I approved the process and now praying! OMG! CANT WAIT TO HUGE MY MOBILE TODAY!

NOTE: Some people like Sony Ericsson and some people don't but honestly after my experience with Telelink I'll always buy Sony Ericsson not because it's the best brand but because of their neat customer care, I wonder why giant companies doesn't have such polite and professional team like Telelink? I'm asking Fastlink, Mobilecom, JTC, Aramex.


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