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How does it feel ?

How does it feel when you wake up on a Friday morning to find your blogs and hijacked?
Will be working to get both back ASAP.

Lessons to be learned

  1. Do not trust your hosting provider

  2. Backup your files

  3. Backup your database

  4. try to use image/photo hosting site for your uploads instead of hosting them yourself

Sounds like I have it all except the last one :(

Now I feel like I want to go back to blogspot but I'm damn used to WordPress

UpdateBoth and are back online and fully functional except some lost images

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  2. Hamdililah Assalaamah...whoops, there I go again!

    Welcome back!

  3. You Attract Geeks!...

    and what so funny about it! there are no Geeky girls in Jordan :( Jad , me and you ... out of here! I...

  4. jad..i know the happened to me when i, by mistake, wanted to import one topic and ended up importing all topics to wordpress and lost was like a i have multiply to back up my topics..not comments though..bass a7ssan min balash..sha2a 3omri ya 3am..(ya3ni 4 months mish 3omri..bas 3omri il blogery)

    7amdella 3ala salamet w tenzeker ma ten3ad


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