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Five things you didn't know about me

I'm not sure if I have to write new one or just direct you to the old tag, Ok I'll paste them as nothing has changed but I will change the order :D

  1. I’m certified Sign language translator

  2. I’m not moody but getting mad is just like On and Off. SO BE CAREFUL!

  3. I like to volunteer wherever & whenever it’s possible

  4. I didn’t study computer science but Political science and law

  5. My first name isn’t Jad.

I'm tagging
Bakkouz , Jano, Fa6oom, Naryat, Dadan


  1. You didn't mention what kind of cigarettes you smoke .. I'm disappointed

  2. It's the dreaded 404!Jad,or whatever your name is!

  3. Gwaider,
    My fans, believers and followers know what kind of cigarettes I smoke.

    which page 7ajeh?

  4. very nice website man... five good points and now I feel like I know you for a long time.

  5. Hey Jad, I know which brand you USED to smoke, right? Done with that now, MISH? Your BIGGEST fan for smokeless future...xaalto!

    Sign language, eh? That is neat!

  6. LOL, really your first name isn't jad?

  7. I KNEW ALL THESE THINGS. Damn, I've been reading your blog for too long.

  8. Hisham,
    Thanks for visiting dude :-)

    not 100% done but still trying, no worries soon it will happen xalto, btw ever been in russia?

    No :-) not even my second nor third and it's not the family name for sure, I AM ANONYMOUS MAN I AM!

    I still remember your reaction on my name thingy neyahahaha!

  9. You gotta teach me sign language dude :)

    Jad or not .. I like you the same :D

  10. sign language translator is so impressive, can u tell what nancy 3ajram was saying in her "2e7sas jdeed" video clip?? :P

  11. good on ya, Jad, I know it isn't easy, and I'll be praying for you as well as harassing you.

    Yes, I've been to Moscow and Almaty. Have you been?

  12. I often wish that I knew sign language. Every once in a while I see people using it (at home in Canada, in Korea and other foreign countries), and wish that I could say hello.

  13. Khalida,
    I wish I can but I almost forgot the language now :(

    walahi it's working ya 7ajeh.

    LoL yes I can

    never been there but I was good in Russian language (reading, writing and speaking), well that was the sixth thing you didn't know about me.

    you are lucky then you just need two or three courses to be good at it, I'm certified translator but this means nothing as I didn't practice it :(
    if you have the chance to practice it then take some courses, it's easy and cool language.

  14. Ok I'm actually mad, 3anJAD what the?

    And the "Best Scam pulled on JP" award goes to (...) aka Jad

  15. Firas,
    Why mad? and what do you mean by And the “Best Scam pulled on JP” award goes to (…) aka Jad

  16. your name is not jad! that's kinda disappointing :D
    I mean why would someone use a name that is not his?

  17. Diana,
    Well, it's not that not mine not mine, I mean I all people call me Jad even my family, so it's mine but not officially


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