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Public toilets in Amman

I don't know if I have to start this by asking Why we don't have public toilets in Amman or by begging to have public toilets? it doesn't have to be free at all, make it one JD per ehem but don't force people to do it in car parks or between two cars in the main street.

Today I went to down town to drink my dose of Sahlab and pick some DVDs and while jumping from DVD store to another I saw two guys doing it near Hashem restaurant exactly next to Al-Weibdeh white taxis stop, I understand it's very cold and that make holding it longer really hard! but that doesn't justify doing it there, nevertheless, it sounds like they didn't had any other solution.

One month ago I was with my friend in Abdoun when I got an urgent call from nature (LoL) and there were very limited choices so I picked McDonald's as last resort but it wasn't comfortable to use their toilet without having the status of customer so I first asked the cashier for two ice cream and then run to toilet trying to beat the time, thankfully I succeed but that marks it as the MOST EXPENSIVE ehem IN HISTORY!.

I know there are many high priority stuff we have to do before thinking of public toilets but no! I think it is priority to have such thing, for god sake why Australia have public toilets? they even have National Public Toilet Map can't we have something similar ? but ohh don't remind me of Raghadan public toilets that was totally different experience and don't even mention your university toilets because it's another story.

Thankfully men can do it whenever and wherever they want even if we don't have public toilets and this because we can do it standing but take a minute and think of the others? yes girls? you know they cannot do it standing for natural weakness (LoL) and yet this marks as another reason of why we cannot be equal.

I think government should think of such service and they actually should make it good service because they can monetise it, it would be new money tap for them and would stop the human tap in the street.

Ohh shit! got to go! Natural call.

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  1. My University toilets are clean.

  2. LOL Man .. this topic is very funny .. and meaningful in the same time

    Yea I totally agree with you that your government HAVE to do public toilet if that is your situation in Amman

    Doing it in street oh god !! it's one of the most bad things you can do ..

  3. because frankly? we "ammani residents" dont deserve it! in addition to the corruption in every governmental organization who will sure be asking for money and wasting it down a totally different drain! it is going to turn into another mahzaleh, only this one will SMELL, so please dont!

  4. Moey,
    You're lucky man, enjoy it :-)

    Thanks for your support, yes they have to do it.

    Mariam Ayyash,
    Have you tried to put yourself in government shoes? I guess if you try you will not find good people to hire so you'll have to use whatever available to you, I believe that corruptions start and end with people not governments.

    In any case, I don't have car, I usually go for long walk every week and I need to do it *often*

  5. mahoo yakhooy ya jad, isnt government made of people? arent they OUR people? so we trusted those to go work in the government and look what they have done, I personally say they have failed us big time, and no, they are not trying to do their best, i have seen lots of people work in the governmental and in the private sector, i tell u, there are a lot of good people there, but once they place foot in the governmental sector, they either get tired of fighting and become one of the herd, or they decide to leave, because the government does NOT appreciate a good hard working conscience eben balad working for them. but i always say: i cannot change the world, i in fact refuse to be put in that position, but i can change myself, obviously "people" in the government do not beleive in that...

    and always remember, that I go to the bakery to get bread, i dont bake it myself, its time wasting! and communities are about putting tasks on the right tables, the government has failed us on a lot of levels on baking the bread they were assigned to bake (education, training, recycling resources, including human resources...) and I find myself unable to bake my bread, the thing i am left to do is try and bake a new bread... lot of hard work, but i must. (do u understand what im trying to say?)

    on a side note, I said: WE ammani residents, so I do take part of the blame...

    God bless you

  6. hi i have noticed that i didnt reply to yr comment, althoug i thought of doing it but it just slipped...

    and yr song is kinda ringing in my head but i really cant recognise it :p

    happy new year

  7. I know a guy who visited the States for the first time and decided to head the call of nature down in a New York subway station because he was used to just doing it anywhere in Amman. Needless to say, he spent a night in jail after being caught in the act.

  8. Mariam Ayyash,
    Are you loosing hope in the future? anyway let's not scale this, Do you have problem answering your nature call in the street? do you mind having public toilets in Amman? do you prefer catching someone doing it on your car tiers? or do you think it's much better to have public toilets and fine people who do it in public or those who forget to flush the toilet.

    Manal Y,
    Can't recognise it? Ok check your email :-)

    HAHAH this is cool! now I guess he prefer to do it in his pants but not in the street but tell me, Do you have public toilets in New York?

  9. Jad, there are public toilets in certain areas (parks, etc.) where there may not be other toilet options. Generally most consumer establishments (stores, restaurants, etc.), which are generally much more prevalent in New York than in Amman, have toilets available.

  10. jad, i didnt get what u were trying to say, honestly! anyway, do i want to have public toilets? yes, in Amman? defintely not!

  11. Dave,
    I guess using McDonald's as last resort wasn't bad idea

    Mariam Ayyash,
    Cool I'll enjoy watching you doing it in your pants :-)

  12. "Cool I’ll enjoy watching you doing it in your pants :-)"!!!! how old are you?!

  13. Jad hi...
    I know what you are talking about man..
    Listen to this..
    long time ago... 1985, one summer holiday, me and family went to australia, visiting cousins..
    They love us so they took us to a 10 days hunting trip. The second day we went to a national park for grilling.. you know big family..
    After having lunch, mom asked my cousin George.. Aunti..can you drive me back to the motel! George replied WHY Aunty! you ok! you feeling tired! Mom said no dear, I just want to go to toilet... Hahahahahahaha laughed cousin George... and cuddled mom and told her, come with me aunty...
    Mom said where...! He said just come with me, we have toilets here in the parks. PUBLIC TOILET!!! mom shouted! No way I am gonna enter a public toilet...Hehehehe George was laughing loud, and they both headed to the toilet.
    When they came back... I saw mom's smilling face and she was inviting all of us to visit this LAND MARK ! :)
    Why they can keep their toilets clean, and we can not!
    When we came back to amman, I was asking a restaurant manager why the toilets are not that clean! his reply was, when ever we clean them, they mess them, and even steal the toilet paper roll and the taps also! lol
    We badly need public toilets, and we have to educate the public how to use them and keep them CLEAN!
    Thanks Jad

  14. I think that would be a good idea :) well my last resort wasn’t bad either :p

  15. Funniest thing I read all day. @ehem

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