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Nokia 770!

Unfortunately I couldn't find Nokia 770 tablet in Jordan yet but since we have PayPal accounts now I only have to save some money and purchase it from or some other online stores

To be honest, I don't want to pull money out of my wallet to buy it nor I want to use my credit card, So How I'm going to get money so I can buy it ?

I have PayPerPost where I can pick the appropriate opportunity and blog about it and YES THEY PAY FOR THAT!

so far I have $40 in my PayPerPost bucket and it's growing in one or two months I guess they will be around $400 so I can buy Nokia 770

First time I found about PPP was through techcrunch and I wasn't that happy to read about their project but after Peter's comment which made many things clear to me and it made it curious to try PPP out and it was cool! yes it's cool you got to try it guys

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  1. You want my honest opnion? It didn't live up to my expectations when I was playing with it.
    It's slow, incompatible with anything, overpriced and just didn't do the job.
    Want my advice? Wait for v2 or get yourself a smartphone or a SonyEricsson 9xx

  2. I thought you were ver critical of payperpost!!!

  3. Seriously, so these ads really pay?

    So should I sell out and stuff my blog with ads (considering the crazy traffic I get?)

  4. Gwaider,
    I don't know much about it as I didn't use it, but slow compared to what ? to iMate Jam or something ?
    The main reason of getting this device is *trying* to get into embeded devices programming, in short I'm not fan of many gadgets in my bag, but I guess it will be nice to have such device.

    As for Sony Ericsson I'm going with K750i soon, do you know anything about it ?

    Get a name, make it anonymous but it would look much better than the question marks :-)
    Yes, I was against them and I actually wrote How to sell yourself cheap but after Peter's comment I tried them and it happens that Jordan was added to PayPal at the same time of Peter's comment so I had the chance to try them out and I totally changed my mind
    However, If the blogger is mean then he still can sell himself cheap but he still can do some good things, Couple of days ago I wrote a post about Mesothelioma cancer and refugee camps in Jordan that post is kinda good (at least to me) and it has 489 words when I was asked to write 50 word about mesothelioma cancer

    In short, you can deal with PPP as a tool to make more money and then it's up to you and your heart in How to use it, for good or bad.

    Not all kind of Ads, the SABB Ads is by tAN and they pay me well as for others I'm just testing them.

    PPP is not an Ads by itself but they have new model where the post is the the Ad by itself.

  5. Jad,

    If you want to get into programming, why not get a Windows Mobile device? They are clearly taking over the mobile world.

  6. Sari S. Al-Hiari,
    Why would I want to compete with the whoooooole market? Market are polluted of MS related stuff developers, learning other stuff makes me unique.

  7. And easily Obsolete!
    If I were you, Symbian OS/ Windows Mobile and J2EE would be my target (s)
    The SE-K750i is amazing! Just like everything SE does these days. It has best in class camera (dude, you gotta see it to believe it)
    I agree strongly with Sari, Dude, even Palm, created a windows mobile edition of their Treo, And Palm was the best selling palmtop devices maker in history .... hint hint!!


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