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Is it the cost of being the new empire?

Is it the cost of being the newest world empire to have high crime rate and now the the most prisoners in the World? or is it because they have tough sentencing laws? but why do they have such tough sentencing laws from the first place if they didn't experience high crime rate? - WASHINGTON - US Has the Most Prisoners in the World - According to the International Centre for Prison Studies at King's College in London, more people are behind bars in the United States than in any other country. China ranks second with 1.5 million prisoners, followed by Russia with 870,000..

I think Americans could easily ease down the number of Arab immigrant queue in the front of their embassies in Arab countries just by publishing such reports in the front of their doors.

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  1. You think so? Do you think it is safer in the Arab world just because we may have less prisoners??! I dont think so :)

  2. The Observer,
    Yes, I do believe Arab world are much safer for many reasons

    1-) You can walk at midnight in any street without being afraid of anything
    2-) We do not give the tourists a safe walk map and if they go beyond it then they have to take the responsibility
    3-) Carrying a knife is a big deal while Magnum gun is just fine in the state
    4-) Patrols tries to talk to people in the street and sometime abuse them just because they have nothing to do, their job is indeed boring
    5-) 5.000 soldier were in the street from the first circle to third circle just to capture a serial killer with three crime in profile (Abu shakoush) and it was the buzz for years in Jordan and I guess that was the maximum
    6-) Help!!! has a meaning and real effects in Arab countries unlike Western countries in general
    7-)Are there another place in the world where you can put your luggage in the street and come back to them after few hours without being touched?
    8-) Adultery is a crime in the eye of Religion, Cultural and Law which makes raping someone is hard to believe and achieve

    I guess we need to hear Kinzi, Grace, Dave, Rebbeca voices about this
    They are American, Canadians and been in Jordan for a while now.

  3. Hey Jad, yes I would like to hear the opinion of those people.

    Wish what you say is true. The Arabic world is not a one entity. There are different security measures and safety in each country, and even in each city. Safety in Amman is different than in Zarqa. You know what I mean?

    I happen to disagree a bit with your points even when we take it on Amman
    1. Of course I would be slightly afraid to walk in the midnight in the streets of Amman, and I am a man. Can you imagine any woman doing so? Women do fear going out in their cars after 10 in Amman. I know many who do that, and I have heard many stories about sick young boys chasing women in the streets.
    2. I guess it is an advantage to give the tourists a safe map. There are definatly some places that the tourists need to be careful. The accident of last year shooting in downtown just popped in my head.
    3. I don't think that carrying a Magnum gun is fine anywhere. You can still find people who carry guns even here in Amman. A knife is a big deal everywhere.
    4. You are talking about our Patrols? I guess, they just don't do their job well.
    5. Abu Shakoosh took much publicity back then. A time where we didn't use to hear such criminal stories. I wonder how accurate the 5,000 number is, but eventhought, it was only for a single case. I am sure we have many criminals as risky as him that we are not aware of.
    6. Who said so? How long does it take our police/ambulance to arrive to the crime scene compared to New York for example?
    7. :) I think that you can't do that here in Amman as well. As in any other country, if it happened to you, it would be a chance of luck.
    8. Adutltary doesn't make rape any more acceptable!

  4. The Observer,
    Are you sure you live in Amman dude?

    Are we talking about people with Phobia ?

    1-) All Women I know finds it safe to go out after 10 PM and yet they are not Kong fu champs

    2-) Last year acceident! Hoaaaryyyy! we are talking about SINGLE attack per year which should be very acceptable rate by all westerns.

    3-) Hollywood ruined the image dude, I might be wrong here

    4-) I'm not here to defend them because I loath their mentality, anyway I think what makes them abuse people is that they don't have real work, they just walk hunting for trouble around

    5-) Conspiracy lovers again, yes this is the Arab mindset even when we are clear on something we try to come up with a conspiracy about the hidden object.

    NO dude, Jordan is just a small country, if you fart in irbid I will smell it in Aqaba.

    6-) I was referring to people rather than police or ambulance,

    7-) It's not luck at all, I do that all the time in Amman but lets not talk about me as I'm Jordanian, I will tell you the story of American man who was there to give two lecture at Open Source conference two or three years ago, he left his laptop on the table, we thought he forgot it, so my friend told him about it, he said it's fine, I'm in Jordan.

    8-) it does.

  5. Jad,
    I have never lived outside of Amman!

    No we are not talking about people with phobia. We are talking about normal people. There are lots of risks in our streets at night even for men.

    A couple of years ago, I was with another 2 friends driving home around 3 AM. Another car full of young men parked next to us. They were drunk and tried to pick a fight with us. When we parked to face them, we figured out they have razors. Thank God we were able to handle it, otherwise we would end up in hospitals.

    1. I guess we have to hear from other women bloggers in Amman.
    2. I was just giving an example about how things can be unsafe at certain places. A safe walk map for our tourists would be nice guidance.
    3. I have nothing to ad
    4. I disagree. Anyway, what we are doing here is generalizing our police officers attitude. I tend to go with that they don't take their work seriously rather than there is no work for them to do. A matter of opinion, you are entitled to yours.
    5. I have never mentioned conspiracy, neither implied yet.
    6. If you refer to people, then I disagree as well. You can't generalize. People differ in their willingness to help. A foreigner can be as helpful when he sees someone in need as any other Arab.
    7. I guess you just want to look at the bright side. I can't even keep my cell phone anywhere cause it would be stolen in minutes. It happened to me before, and happened to many others as well.
    8. It doesnt :). Do you have any scientific study saying so?

  6. I would agree, to an extent, with both of your (Jad and Observer) arguements. There are definitely instances where living in the United States is more dangerous, although statistically this is bound to happen due to the higher population rate, the range of "freedoms" that the government allows, and relative efficiency of the court system. There are also situations where living in the United States is less dangerous, as well.

    Obviously what this report shows is that the US prison system is not serving as an active deterant against crime.

  7. Part of the reason that the US has so many prisoners is that it is a very profitable industry. Many prisons are privately run, and the prison industry encourages tough sentencing laws so they can fill their prisons and collect $$$$$ from the state for housing them. That being said, a lot of US lawmakers have passed tough laws (think three strikes you're out in California) that throw you in jail for minor infractions, because they believe it is an effective way to stop crime. However, areas with high numbers of prisons are not safer, and conversely areas with low numbers of prisons are not more dangerous leading some to reconsider the connection between high prisoner numbers and safety. The vast majority of US prisoners are not in maximum security or are there for violent crime, they're there for petty crime. Finally, the vast majority are poor and can't afford lawyers to talk them out of prison. You can talk all you want about the US being more dangerous and so on, but you should consider the above issues.


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