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I recently decided to disconnect my home ADSL line so I can enjoy the plenty of time I have after working nine hours a day and now after one week of living without internet at home I can assure it's very healthy for you and your family, now I can spend more time with family, now I can clean the messy room, now I can read some of the giant to-read-list however there are many disadvantages starting from not being able to moderate my blog comments after six pm, not being able to check my email ending by calling a friend asking for a fix (30 minutes using his/her ADSL account) and my first victim was Nimer :D

It's not that I don't want to renew my ADSL nor it's Tedata's new download policy, it's about me and only me, it's about being able to control myself by staying away from internet for a while without dying slowly and without feeling I have nothing todo not to mention the many many stuff that I have to do at home.

It might sound silly but yet I couldn't leave the computer but this time I was watching Prison Break which is amazing series even more than LOST; however I was able to participate in doing my share of house keeping (YES YES), today I wake up at 6:00 (one hour late then the usual) and start cleaning the floor and you know what? I really enjoyed it heh.

Couple of days ago I had plan to start going to gym but now I'm not sure about it because I can do many thing at home that serves both goals of helping and doing some exercises.

I have many things to do today, need to finish a freelance project, meet a friend to give him some books, begging Nimer for Prison Break Season two episodes and maybe I will have the chance to clean up my bookshelf and reorganize the books I have.

Now I'm sitting in [email protected] ([email protected]), had my favourite chocolate shake, green mountain coffee (where the hell did they get that name?), checking my email, blog and blogs I follow.

Actually it seems much better and much healthier to stay without internet at home especially when you have a cool place like [email protected] to go to where you can take your dose of internet, socialize, eat and go back to home to do more serious stuff

Again I'm sorry for not being able to moderate my blog comments in the last three days, all comments are moderated and published now, time to go


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